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Tizzy, I read that from the AAP.  I am confused if after that peds heavily push cow's milk instead.  Doesn't that indicate little ones still have a need for milk?  And for how long?  And what if they can't drink cow's milk due to intolerance?  I have noticed other milk, for instance - coconut milk is full of sugar, it was the 2nd listed.     I am not making any decisions now, much like Monkey I will decide when it comes closer since I know it can vary so much for a...
I always am on the watch for hunger cues closely before he has to cry to "ask".  He has also started a special type of like grumbling to communicate he would like to be fed as well.  I would love it if he just had a sign.  It would make it easier for us I think.  What type of signs do you use?
When asked this question while pregnant at LLL I said to one year since before one year you still have to give them mama's milk or formula.  But I have since learned they still have to drink milk after that age?  Don't most ped's suggest they tank up on whole cow's milk after being off mama milk or formula.  It is possible that DS has cow's milk issues.  I will just cross all those bridges when I come to them.  
I used a boppy and DS likes it better than being flat on the tummy mat. 
Figured some things out, thanks :)
I agree that pumping isn't a reliable indicator.  Babies are much more efficient.  My baby is at a great weight and doubled birth weight by 2 months.  But when I pump, even with a good pump, I get less than an ounce after a long session using both breasts.  Also I never leak and haven't been able to self express but I know baby has a good supply based on other factors.
I also love the Ergo the most of any carrier, wrap, or sling I have tried.
I had spotting several times during pregnancy (and some cramping) and the end result was a full term baby.     It really sucked every time it happened and was super worrying.   Hugs to you and congrats on your pregnancy and hope the rest of it goes smooth.  I would consider changing ASAP doctors if I were you.  It can make such a huge difference! 
I could fill up a notebook with all the advice I have gotten, most of it well meaning I can only assume but offensive at times none the less.  I think it must be part of the new mom thing.
I heard this rumor too.  Ours would never ever stand for it! 
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