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You can find someone else whenever at any point you choose.
I don't understand the rush.  I like hanging out with my baby.  Babies don't keep.  There is a whole lifetime ahead of trips away wuth friends/family, college/moving out, etc.  There is no rule saying a baby needs x amount of time away from their own mom by x age.  No worries.  
I declined the test, couldn't stomach the drink.  I took an alternative of the test with food.
I like their wipes.
Same body build as you and love the ergo.
I would contact a local LLL in your area ASAP  http://www.llli.org/webus.html
The fresh air sounds nice.  Invest in a baby carrier (we love the Ergo around here, but maybe a Moby might work better for a newborn) and that sounds perfect for getting out and about with your baby.  Another reason I am not a fan of super strict schedules, I like to have my baby with me to go places during the day, it is nice when baby is flexible and easy to take along.  
Not using bottles can be great.  No going to the store to buy and try bottles, no bottle cleaning, sterilizing, bottle nipples, cleaning and storage systems/space issue, pumping parts, expensive pump, pumping storage, waiting for milk to thaw, etc.    I BF on demand and no "training" was ever needed; I would rather wait it out than let my baby cry it out anyway.  Some nights are harder than others, like one night this week baby was up 6 times (to eat then right back...
No problem here either thankfully as I NIP pretty much anytime I leave the house, DC is 8 months. I wear nursing clothes anytime I leave the house in an attempt to be discreet.  I covered once or twice in the first times but didn't like doing that as I couldn't see the airway and for someone relatively new at BF seeing the baby's face and airway is important.
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