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35 pounds.  The baby wasn't big and was early.  It all came off quickly after birth despite not exercising at all and not dieting at all.  
Baby is EBF and won't start solids until 6 months or later.  I am in no rush.  Baby might be in a bit more rush than mama and is already reaching for foods and very interested in food in general.  But then again baby is interested in everything going on all around  Should I invest in a baby bullet?  I am not into baby led weaning with a 6 month old.  Later, sure.  Foods intending to introduce (in no particular order): sweet potato avocado green beans pinto...
Yes, I gained weight in all tri's and ended up gaining the recommended total amount for my body.   
DH goes.
It took about 4 months not to wear thin pantyliners daily
Congrats! I focused on: so much water! greek yogurt dried plums with bananas (helped with leg cramps) granola tons of avocado with lime beans:black beans, pintos, hummus fish sweet potato spinach berries nuts peppers apple with nut butter and walnuts/raisins mushrooms brocolli kale
Nope.  Also due to the fact it has to be done again every single year of his life.  With that thrown in there I think the full schedule had him getting  (runs off to find the exact number) shots.  
He is adorable!  How was the pool process?  Glad he liked it.  Around here babies can't start until 6 months. 
Thanks for posting that site.  On another article I loved this part since it validated how hard it was for me those first few attempting to entertain visitors with a brand new nursing baby.  I look back and shudder at the stress of it all.   EVACUATION OF UNWANTED GUESTS. ...as guests swamp your house when all you want to do is curl up and die.   http://www.thealphaparent.com/2011/07/10-selfish-things-i-love-about.html   And this one was worth a...
That is so awesome that you are pumping for 3!  What an accomplishment and great gift you are giving to them.   My only advice is to contact a local LLL if you have one, La Leche League or maybe a board certified LC lactation consultant.
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