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I am not sure.  Still trying to figure out what I want to do as a family.  I do want Christmas to be magical, at least for that short time that can be.  I had such great memories of that.  I hear some people feel they were lied to but I was thankful that my parents did that for me.  
That is amazing!  I get less than 1 oz. out of two for a full session.  
Edited to say: All I have to say is I dont envy those who pump all during the day and all that comes with that.   
I did not nurse on the OR room table since I was way too shakey immediately afterwards.  My hospital was extremely pro BF and had many LC's.  I also made a sign for his plastic bassinet thing that stated he was EBF, no sugar/glucose, paci's, or bottles.   My milk did take awhile to come in.   I wish I had brought my own pillows.  Bring your boppy if you like using one.  
I could have written this post, right down to the carriers you own too.  Only mine refused all devices like the swing.  And didn't sleep near as long.   Don't worry.  It got better - MUCH better!  I think around 4 months in my own case.   Someone told me for the 1st month you won't feel human or all (not sure what that meant, but didn't ask just made a mental note that after 1 month it will get easier), another said I felt like all I did for 2 months was feed the LO....
I dont have allergies and didnt even have kleenx in the house before pregnancy.  However during pregnancy my nose ran non stop for no other reason than being pregnant.
Mine also sometimes kicks, punches, twists, pinches, messes with my shirt, "milks" me with hands/nails, etc. and has from a young age.  Sometimes scratching himself too or putting his fingers in his mouth causing him to unlatch while nursing before he is ready to stop eating.  Sometimes I place a sock over little hands to dull some of the damage, even if the finger nails are kept short it can still hurt.  I am going to get a nursing necklace that is also suitable as a...
I read the same article some months ago.   I was so sleep deprived but do remember thinking that is funny since my swaddled baby has no problem letting me still know his needs and he doesn't sleep long at all.  I think the ergo infant insert is like being swaddled.  Also the infant carry for Moby reminds me a lot of a swaddle.     My baby is 4 months old and still likes being swaddled at night.  We do a loose swaddle of arms only since that is what he likes.  He...
I think you are doing a great job and what works best for all of you.  My rules are do what works best for baby at the time.  If mine was miserable without quiet naps, quiet naps he would get.
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