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I love food.  Buying it, making it, finding the best ingredients, smelling it as it cooks, learning what foods are good and what ones are bad.   Unless extremely stressed, then I couldn't care less about it.   I used to think I was a stress eater, but that is for minor stresses which was all I had in life up to that point.  In these last couple of years I went through really hard times which has made me not as interested in food for several long stretches.  
I did tons of research and went with what felt right for me and for our household.  It is more a lifestyle than anything else and appealed to my common sense.   I have avoided red meat since childhood.  DH will eat red meat maybe once every 2 months while out to eat.   As far as in our house and our meals eaten together at home, there is no red meat, very little white meat, wild caught fish 2-3 times per week and whole grains.  Mainly a diet based on fresh vegetables...
Exactly what I meant.  Thank you for sharing. Sorry for your losses.
It sounds like in your situation I would leave this guy alone.     To those who are open to FWB's, etc. doesn't the possibility of sexual diseases of such an arrangement freak you out?   FWB would never work for me personally and I am totally against it. 
I like the name.
Something seems very off about the whole thing. 
I am sorry.   I really like this blog in the future if you are ever in such a position: http://9davids.blogspot.com/2010/11/50-reasons-to-leave-it-alone.html
I grew up with siblings and only one was super picky.  Eating three different foods would have been a victory with this one.  As an adult it did get somewhat better but still this individual is very picky when compared to other people, it is a texture thing and some other things to this person.   
Not typical here. 
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