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Hi mamas .. Strongfeather let me know everyone was here. So nice to hear from everyone. Lets see.. Coraline Mae is awesome. We had our second daughter Arya Jane 10/11/11. Strongfeather and I shared our second pregnancy at the same time, having our #2 s within weeks of each other again. Coraline is an awesome big sister. What else... We bought a house and moved in. It needs tons of work. In vice president of Boston babywearers.
I don't have advice but I am not even right there with you, a little behind. I am pregnant with our second and actually overdue at this point and our 2 year old is still in bed with us. We moved about a 1.5 months ago and just got her big girl room and bed set up, but she has yet to sleep there. We take naps together in the family bed and she still sleeps with us. At this point, I think I am just scared to make the jump to her in her own bed and if I don't, I'm not sure...
Beth this is a great month to meet us! We have our monthly meeting on the 21st at MIT in Cambridge and Babywearing Week is going to be awesome!
Same for me, I think it was just waiting too long to try because by that age they have no patience for the wrapping, whereas you can pop them into a soft structured carrier or mei tai easily.   I'm pregnant and due in 2 weeks with my second at this point and I plan to do wrapping from the start so she will let me back carry when she is older.
I wanted to post in the tribal area because I haven't yet to let any of you Boston area moms know about Boston Babywearers (in case you didn't already)   I am the Vice President of the nonprofit organization that strives to promote and educate parents and caretakers about the benefits of babywearing.  You can find out more on our website  Boston Babywearers.   We hare planning big events for International Babywearing Week (October 10 -16th) including free...
You are not a terrible mother! We have problems with toddler tantrums as well, and generally not listening. Even with their new words I think that at 2 years old they still do not understand their own emotions or how to verbalize what they are feeling, which leads to frustration on their part which causes more acting out and there is a point at which every person reaches their limit as a parent. The other night my daughter kicked me in the face with both of her feet...
Congrats to all the other mamas having new babies this year!   It sure is a totally different experience from the first time around.
I just have to say that it kind of pisses me off that someone would straight up name their child the same exact thing as someone else, I know that happens sometimes but not when it is something that is very unique and has been mentioned over and over again in my posts. I guess that is probably why I just don't feel connected to this ddc at all and probably won't post here. At least I know that Coraline Mae is my daughters name, and a million people can steal that if they...
I didn't read all the replies but I can't swallow pills of any kind at all ever. I take my Prenatal in a gummy version (got mine on amazon) and I take Floradix for Iron since I become anemic while pregnant (also got that on amazon but they have it at Whole Foods)
I would like to find out this time, with DD we didnt and that was great fun but I want to be prepared for another girl or a boy. A boy would mean more shopping, haha.
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