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Ours is right next to the house door that goes into our garage. (right outside the house, but in the garage) That way, the kids and DH are more apt to recycle with me. My kids love to throw things in a "SCORE!"
Thank you for checking in! Threads missing updates drive me nutty, and here I am hosting threads of my own w/out updates. I went into the hospital for a second surgery in 3 months and found myself mentally overflowing... I closed the site. I did save all my original work to documents for future use. I was so passionate about the venture...but had I known what life was about to send my way...I would never have taken it on. I learned a lot, though... and hopefully...
hunny bunny - so sorry for your loss. Did you see an improvement in your pre-menstrual symptoms with the reversal?
Thanks for the links, Mamas... I'll check them out next! mama k nj 0 can you tell me a little more about the fish oil? I've heard it to be beneficial for emotions, as well. Do you find that to be true in your experience? I have PMD and go through a couple of very dark days right before my period...I have wondered about the fish oil for this. I've also heard that it comes in different forms - some better than others which is a bit intimidating.
Please share what vitamins/supplements you take... why do you take them? Do they work? I have been reading on them for months and the information out there is so inconsistent. I'd really like to hear from the people actually taking them about successes or a lack of success. I am interested in supplements that specifically address....PMS, Blood Sugar, Constipation, Headaches, Energy. However, other information more than welcome!
Has anyone undergone this or know someone who has? I have heard almost nothing about it... I'd love to hear some true personal stories.
Quote: Originally Posted by Limabean1975 Hi I'm Lima, but I'm not the OP! I hope she, zahirakids, does come in with an update! Whoops! Didn't scroll up enough. Zahirakida...looking forward to an update.
I'd also love an update Limabean... hoping all is well with you.
I never thought about extended release...I will address that on the phone Monday. I have a call in with them regarding meds, so they will be calling me Monday on that front. They have me on Ultram for day-time w/-the-kids use and Hydrocodone for the very painful evenings. However, there's a few problems with that....one is that Ultram isn't useful to me unless I take two and then I get lightheaded which defeats the purpose. Second is talking to them about this like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Polliwog So read, talk, ask questions but follow the lead of the toddler placed in your home. This seems to be what I'm getting from just about everyone I have turned to for advice. We are still undecided on age. We would like to adopt w/in the US - that we know. However, we are undecided on age....so we have asked those who have adopted all ages and there seems to be the common idea that "one size doesn't fit...
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