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I would love to, but I'm on crutches so by the time I hopped from NC to MA it would be your child's 18th birthday - she/he would be moving out of the house and a calming basket would be LONG over-due.
Not too much trouble....I'm on crutches w/ a broken ankle but it feels good to help someone else for once! It's called Florastor and I found a link to it on Amazon so you should check it out before buying...(dont be alarmed by the price - this link is for a 3pk. ) http://www.amazon.com/Florastor-Maxi...f=pd_sbs_hpc_3
One thing you can do is call over to the clinic and ask to speak to a nurse. Tell her you want to describe your symptoms to see if it warrants coming in. Anything with tingling/cloudy/headache head feelings really should be addressed...it could be nothing, but there's a lot of possibilities that it could be symptoms to and those things are not little...it's better safe than sorry. I would definetly call over and get a nurse's feedback...(she'll likely ask a physician to...
That makes me feel so good. Thank you. Here's what my little sister put on my facebook page regarding her new mama surprise basket: Quote: Thank you so much!!!! I hope you got my messages. I love you so much, and am always thankful for your depth and love.
I'm sorry for your struggles, Mama. I encourntered the same problem last spring when going through antibiotics for a horrible kidney infection. I tried yogurt and probiotics i picked up at CVS. Neither helped. I then went to a medical pharmacy/store and asked them for the best probiotic they had. It cost me $34 but it did the trick. If you want me to go dig up the bottle and giveyou full info on it, I'd be happy to....just let me know!
The tingling and headache is what worries me. Do you have a local primecare you can go get checked out at?? It's cheaper and quicker.
I hope this is an okay place to vent. I've got to get it out somewhere. (I've really got to consider blogging, it seems.) Since May 2007 I have been through seven surgeries... three of them very major. This past May 2009, I had my ankle replace with donor bone and cartialidge. I have not been allowed to walk since. I have three children ages 7, 5 (with special needs) and 3. Mothering them in pain and without the ability to move freely in my home has been so...
My first daughter had a 1/4 adhesion. We were told to do daily baths with very mild, warm, soapy water. And of course, always wipe front to back with diaper changes. We also used all-natural diaper creams. That combo rid us of the adhesion and it never returned with her or our second DD.
DH and I are also discussing and gathering info on starting the adoption process. We've wished to adopt since before we were married...it was one of the factors that drew us together as a couple...a love for children and desire to spread that love beyond our future biological children. Anyway, we've just begun discussing our options and the below post was so hugely informative and helpful to me, as well....so thank you!!! Are there any other books or resources you...
Update! I snuck into her house when she was at work on Tuesday. I left her a big basket full of goodies all catered to helping her relax and take care of herself. I put everything from saltiens and 7-up for morning sickness to bath goodies w/ candles and organic bubbles to her favorite chocolate. I included a card, too. She was touched and grateful. I'm glad I did it. Thank you so much to all of your advice in the situation. Wishing her and you all safe and...
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