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How did you get the amino acids in you? I am already on a very high-protein diet...so maybe adding in the amino acids would be beneficial to me, as well. I've been on the effexor now for a week and so far, so good.
He is free now...and that is a beautiful thing. Mama, I will be holding you in my heart and thoughts...wishing you peace and healing as you mourn this loss.
Thank you for your quick replies. doubly - I was actually once dx'd as bipolar... and both a second and third opinion claimed it to be a false diagnosis, to which I agreed. My "hyperactivity" in the ADHD presents more in things like cleaning and such....and this is present on a daily basis... and in combination with the depression again on a daily basis. It's all very steady and very daily...(if that makes any sense.) As I recall, it was that consistency which led...
Gosh, I just did a search and found so much bad stuff. I'm trying to remind myself that people always share more of the negative in response to questions in order to help one another. There must be someone out here that is actually happy with it? I was diagnosed with depression at a VERY young age. I didn't begin medication as treatment until I was 17/18. I have taken a huge array of meds trying to find the right one...paxil, prozac, wellbutrin, lexapro, zoloft,...
I'm not going out to shop.....DH works, and three kids on top of the crowds would surely lead me to an anxiety attack. I am even considering doing most of my shopping online this year. Stocking stuffers will really be all I intend to get in the stores. I did go a couple years ago, though, and I can see how people get so into it. It's fun to get your hands on those deals!
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabemoms I'm a Crystal I'll be curious to see how the short-acting works for you...I'm a tad worried about it disrupting my sleep, but I'd like to see some of the improvements I'm getting in my work place translate to my home life as well.... I was supposed to go tomorrow for my appointment, but a meeting has come up, I'll have to reschedule...I'll probably be going around the same time as you Mama. Yeah,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Essie Crystal? what? wannabemoms = Crystal
Same thing as Crystal for sure.... the short-acting version that is taken 2-3 times a day versus one.
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabemoms No problemo. I hope everything goes well. FWIW, I'm going to be checking in with my doc soon, too. I'm abour 70% happy with my current 'script, (feeling better, more organized at work, no negative side-effects) but I feel like the effects wear off mid-afternoon or so and I can pretty pretty spacey by the time I'm home from work. I think I'm going to ask about a short-acting version and give that a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Essie Cool, thanks for framing it for me! I'm not so great at that and you helped me! I will post after the appt for the update. That's if anyone cares! I Care, I Care!! :
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