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I think nursing every 2 hours day or night is pretty standard for a newborn. I hear most babies settle down around 4 months. Mine never did and still wakes every 2 hours to nurse at 8.5 months. But he's always been a chubby baby and I'm certain he gets enough. As long as your babe is peeing and pooping enough there is no need to supplement!
After DS spit up choked and turned blue one night due to reflux and back sleeping we started sleeping him on his side (he was probably 2 weeks old?) he slept on his side until about 5 or 6 months when he started rolling onto his tummy.
Hanging out waiting for the return of AF at 8.5 months PP here. Baby is still nursing a zillion times at night so I think that's helping to delay her return. I'd happily trade a horrendous AF for a full night's rest . Oh well, I don't miss her.
I covered up with a blanket until my DS was 6 months old at which point he would just pull it off and refuse to nurse covered up. So now we don't. No one has ever said anything negative to me about NIP.
We offered DS cereal at 6 mos but he was totally uninterested. He didn't eat solids at all until around 7 mos and still doesn't eat as much as 'they' recommend at 8 mos.
Quote: Originally Posted by RaelynsMama Oh... PS - I also got told I would stop when I was bit, well, DD but her first when she turned 5 months and had 8 by the time she was 10 months.. And I have been bit, several times, and we're still nursing strong! OH and I was at my dad's about a month ago and he says, "I don't mean to be perverse, but how does that work with the teeth and all?" and I was like, "Umm, dad, do you really want me to explain the...
[QUOTE=Belia;13217554]. We leave the house and do something EVERY SINGLE DAY. We go to Target... we go to the mall.... we go for a drive... I'll go to Noodles & Company for lunch. I don't actually buy much, but we get out of the house. I can't imagine trying to entertain him at home all day, every day. QUOTE] This. When my DS (8 months) was brand new and it was warm out we went out everyday. Now we still go out more than not but some days I let myself take a...
Quote: Originally Posted by purplemoon I have known many people from different cultures and walks of life. When it comes to parenting, there are a million and one ways to do things and while I believe how I choose to parent is the kindest way, I also don't assume that others doing things differently are trying to be cruel. Rather, that is how they think it is best to parent. I think in many areas, these attitudes are shifting. It is cultural...
Quote: Originally Posted by devilish_fetish Lately what i've been getting as far as ageism is flack for still breastfeeding Tess, because of his age and the fact that he just cut teeth. I've been hearing "oh, you'll stop that breastfeeding the first time you get bitten" and "oh, you're only still breastfeeding and not giving solids because you're young, lazy, cheap and don't know any better" since i'm keeping Tess breastfed at the ripe old age of 7...
My 8 month old DS LOVES songs with actions- wheels on the bus, hokey pokey, if you're happy and you know it, and the green grass grew all around. He just loves them all. I also love to put on music and dance with him .
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