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We use Foca or Tide and finally my diapers are clean and stink free! So nice after years of using Charlie's Soap and needing to constantly bleach to get rid of barnyard and ammonia smells. Foca and Tide rock!
Oh my I really have no good advice and have been up with a sick baby all night so my words would make no sense anyway Just grieve it for now. Cry, feel bad when you need to. The baby I'm holding now was born at home but due to illness spent his first week in the NICU being poked, prodded, and pumped with antibiotics. It was hard (and still is) to accept the loss of his newest days. Time helped me, occasionally crying, sporadically worrying about his future health, and...
I forgot Christmas was getting so close. I'm up nursing the baby at 5:30 am and I feel like I should stay awake and prepare!! My mother is moving next week to a smaller house so this year I am hosting Christmas. Which means my slacker attitude about decorating must die! Good thing DH has always loved to do that, this year I'll facilitate it more
The only reason my 3 yo goes to bed at 7:30 so easily every night now is: no naps. Yep, the first few weeks were tough, especially keeping him awake late afternoon. But it was more important to me to have a bedtime routine that lasted 20-30 minutes than avoid a grouchy afternoon. After a couple of weeks, DS adjusted, bedtime didn't take hours, DH and I had quality time alone and together each night, and DS slept 12-13 hours. That was almost 9 months again, when DS was...
The first two months with a newborn and 2 yo we're very hard for us What helped was spending as much one on one time that I could with DS2. Had to be me, not DH. Letting DS1 play in the sink, with play doh, at the museum, things he loved, while I took care if DS2 helped. Letting ds1 play outside as much as possible. In the end, all I can say is yes, it's hard But you will survive and so will your elder LO. I was more worried about the transition than I needed to be...
We cut out naps when my son was 2.5 and though late afternoons were tough for 2-3 weeks, bedtime was better than it had EVER been. We would just play outside or do something active when DS hit that sleepy time around 3-4 pm. Maybe you could try no naps for 2 weeks and. see how it goes? The first few days will be hard while your LO is adapting but if it's right, it will work out fine. If your LO keeps struggling with it then he's not ready.
My preschooler goes to a coop so we have our first fundraiser now: selling Christmas poinsettias... In the spring the school is having a garage sale which I am very excited about! Saving all my junk and donations from decluttering to benefit the school! Ftw!!
Wow, lots of little brothers and sisters joining our September 2010 kiddos! We had Everett last November and Caden just turned 3 about 1.5 weeks ago. It's a heck of a lot easier having a 3 yo and a 9 mo than it was having a 2 yo and a newborn How are all the 3 yo's doing? Caden is starting preschool this week and his favorites in life right now are his sandbox, making "inventions" with rope and anything he can tie stuff to, playing in water, and playing with play...
I just push Everett's face into my breast when he bites and he has to let go to breathe. He's stopped doing it pretty much but if he's done nursing and I don't notice and unlatch, he'll playfully bite. Reminds me to pay attention and that he's done!
Everett was 8 months last week and is a happy and delightful baby Also, our group is active on Facebook so join us there!! There's a thread just below this one about how to join
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