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What a wonderful chunk of love!!! Will be hoping that he stays healthy and safe, We have just been exposed to chicken pox at our house. I would be thrilled if it were not for little 3 week old Millie. Seems so young. Now we wait to see if any of the kids get it.
I use zanga,link at bottom. its free if you don't want the photo feature then its like 2-3 $ ,onth. nak
Ok.... Wear that babe!!! Enjoy it while you can, there are so many advantages to baby wearing...baby is cozy and you can shop longer is just one reason to do it!
Yes I definatly had it in first grade...baby is nursing. sil brought a contaminated sucker to our door and the boys are sucking on it as we speak...it feels so creepy getting my kids sick on purpose. I might call my naturopath and see what she says about ways to make the pox as painless as possible. Any one here had a small baby with pox before. FYI we have probably already been exposed as he spent several hours at our house on Friday.
My nephew(vaxed btw) who lives 2 blocks away has been diagnosed with the chiccky pox. I have 1 vaxed son and one not vaxed. It would be so nice to have them exposed now when they are young. BUT I have a 3 week old baby and wonder about the wisdom of her chancing getting it... Any info on babies and pox??
Millicent Ruth was born February15th. I had had lots of contractions for about a month, some even close together for long periods of time. On 11 pm Valentines Day my water broke,I immediatly called my midwife and doula and told them I was heading to the hospital because I just had a sense of urgency.A bit (15 min or so) after I got off the phone with them my contractions got more painful and difficult. We loaded our stuff and our oldest son in the truck. The minute my...
congrats!! our millicent is 8 minutes younger!! we were pushing at the same time!
Congrats!! Hope your recovery goes well. Love the name (I'm a Rachel too!)
I am 4 days "late". Doing well but soooo READY. Want to meet the girl already. Midwife is willing to let me go for awhile yet. Maybe strip membranes on Thurs. We will see how the Thurs morning stress test looks. My best friend is 14 days past date today. Just started having bloody show and crampiness today. Now I don't have to feel guilt for myself going sooner than her! This is my 3rd and I have never made it to my due date before.
So glad to hear from you!! I was wondering.... Hope all you "issues" resolve quickly. Rach
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