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Youre fine now go clean under your sink or somethin...
What an inspiring birth!!! I loved your decision making process...I'm in labor right now and feel charged up by your story. Congratulations!!
Sleepy- glad to hear all is good in you belly! I agree...come out little babies!!
Due Tomorrow on the 9th. Never have made it this far. Garrett was a few days early, Zach 3 weeks early. I am ready. People are calling and when they see me they are like You are STILL here??? LOL I am comfortable but mentally ready to get this done. My midwife will let me go to 41 weeks if all is looking good...re my diabetes...I will go in tomorrow for a nst and afi. That will decide my fate. My bestest friend is 9 days overdue with her 1st right now. We both started...
What a story!!! Fast. Blessings to your family.
Hospital that give out this formula are working against the #6 of the baby friendly hospital innitiative set up by the World Health Organization. http://www.breastfeedingtaskforla.org/WHOcode.htm
Black Cohash/Red Raspberry capsules is working for me tonight I'll keep you posted!!
How are you doing??
Go girl power!! My second one started his first days as a sleeper too and a good nurser, I recovered so quickly that time!!
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