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Yay!! Good job mama. Enjoy your new baby.
Thanks Bean bean! Millie is short for Millicent Ruth. Mildred is my grandma's name and we want to honor her. Her nickname is Millie and she does not really like Mildred so we did not feel committed to that. My mother's name is Ruth and she is so excited that we are naming baby after her mother she does not even realize that the middle name will be after her. She will be at the birth and likely freak out when we tell her So fun!!
Just the birth ball I should be sitting on...
I'm glad that you are all good...congrats.
I do a little each day...today found some undies and pj's for my bag. Bought a cute potted plant for Millie's room yesterday.
Have a wonderful babymoon she is just sweet. Can't wait...
I was curious as to how you both were also, thanks for the update!! She is just precious!
Am anxious to hear the details...
Yay!!! I'm so jealous!!!
New Posts  All Forums: