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This site is a great resource on the subject http://www.gentlebirth.org/Midwife/gbs.html
At least 2 mama's have already delivered...
Good lookin' babies... Keep on a pumpin for them you won't regret it! Hope they are home with you real soon. Thanks for the update.
I have group B this time around. First time. I have been doing alot of yogurt and Kefir to boost the good bacteria in my body. Are you guys going to do antibiotics or not? I am leaning towards no. Probably will not get there in time anyway. Do your hospitals have special proticol for the non antibiotic users?Ours, I'm told, will make baby stay till 48 hours after birth for observation. Any wise mamas who have it all figured out? Those who are giving birth at home have a plan?
How are things going ? Are you taking any meds or controlling with diet? I'm 36 weeks 1 day (FEB 9) and am doing diet and 12.5 mg glyburide each day to keep sugars down. I finally gained weight for the first week since starting the diet in early Dec. I am now up almost 12 lbs from starting weight. I see the midwife 2 x week for nonstress tests. I will be having a u/s on monday to check on baby. Just wondering if anyone else was dealing with this and how they are...
Having alot of Braxton hicks this time around also...
Aug 17th 4yo here. Not sending to Kindergarten in the fall. He is short, can't remember right this min. 35 # wet. He wears a size 3 or 4 for clothes but is always having to hike his pants up. 11 shoe I think. He finds us at night a few times a week. Likes to share a room with big brother though. He goes to Ecfe school readiness preschool 3 mornings a week. Naps about 2 times a week by accident on the way to get brother. He talks alot right now. Way fun guy!
I was measuring 6 weeks ahead at one point . I am now at 35 weeks and between 35-37 cm depending on which side of the belly button you put the tape. One side has all the baby I swear!
My brother is 10.5 months younger than me. My mom said she did not know that she was pregnant for a while bc she just did not think she could get pregnant while bf. It took her 3 years to concieve me. She bf me for 3-4 months I think. She says she does not know why she quit. I told her that her 2nd pregnancy probably made her sore and tired and maybe supply went down. She probably weaned before she figured out what was going on... That was not a bad run for 1973.
Quote: Originally Posted by Noah's mommy 36 weeks on Monday! Your thread is inspirational-now I need to get myself in gear! Me too!!!
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