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Hi Chelsea!!
I never noticed either mp with my other 2 births... I can't believe we are so close to having these babies! I would like at least another 2 or three weeks also to be sure baby is ready to go. Keep us posted.
1. What are you most looking forward to about having a newborn? So hard to choose...babywearing and nursing are right up there. I'm really excited for our boys to get to know the new babe we are all soo in love already! 2. Has shopping for the baby been fun or stressful? Fun, I have not bought much as this is #3 They say girl so I've been finding little girly deals here and there...My big score has been a wonderful sturdy wicker bassinet at the Thrift for $2. That...
Also weekly because of Gest diab. Will start NST this week also. I have 39 days till my due date.
: That is just too true!!! Cute toes
Praying you all recover and grow quickly!!!
Yup you have a problem!! I have only bought things through coops outside MDC. I got pf diapers for very cheap.
My ticker on my blog says 49 days!! I am going to keep pluggging away at quilting for baby room. (just to have decorated not so baby sleeps there). I also want to stock the freezer some so we don't starvr post partem. I have not yet sent xmas cards... There is still hope.
You guys are too much!
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