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what sex? since knowing I am pregnant we have had sex once, I just felt to sick to do anything and can not stand him touching my breasts they are too big, too heavy and too sensitive. Kissing makes me gagg... when we did cuddle I was on top and that was fine. Will definitely keep in mind the ideas given by the other ladies!
6 weeks prior to the due date. In fact as I am employed it would be illegal for work to ask me to come in any longer. Full pay! After the baby is born I will stay at home for a year. During that time I will get 67% of my net wages. (We will have to pay taxes on that)
No sushi for me. I have no faith in the quality of fish used here and no confidence in hygiene. I am mostly concerned about salmonella and other bacteria. I will have the vegetarian sushi instead. It makes me feel safer.
great to hear that!
Quote: Originally Posted by Eclipsepearl I understand that you can only have one EU citizenship as an adult. It doesn't matter as they can still work and live in any EU country. Some EU citizens are even allowed to vote in certain elections if they live in another EU country. That is not correct as such. Certain EU Citizens are allowed to have more than one nationality see here f. ex. (ok its in German) :...
I am undecided. I am off this week, because of sickness and stomach ache; my boss has been asking a colleague, oh I hope she is not sick because of the stress at work (it has been stressful over the few last weeks). I feel like I should tell them now instead of gossip arising, although I wanted to wait until 12 weeks.. that would be 2 weeks ahead. I will talk about it with my husband.
Oh dear, 150 $ for an ultrasound? it would be 45 Euro max. here and the HIV Test is free for every pregnant woman. The option to go to a womens center sounds good, if you feel better having an early ultrasound done. I am happy I had one at 7 weeks, because it put my mind at ease (epitopic pregnancy) plus I know I will be having one baby. Follow your gut feeling and you will be happy with your decision.
hello everyone I am 33 years old, married to my spanish husband for a few years living in southern Germany. This is our first child, first pregnancy too. I havent planned yet where to give birth. I have a good doctor (alternative, natural medicine aswell as the normal approach). The first ultra sound revealed two sacs, one baby with a heart beat at week 7. We are very happy and excited about it, due date is probably 26 of Jan. Hopefully my mother in law will be able to...
I will light a candle for you and your baby. Thank you for sharing. Good news and bad news are always better when shared.
That is horrible, I can imagine how that was. In that situation I would be very firm from the beginning: No visit until 3 weeks after the birth and only so many hours. Why not tell them that the doctor strictly advised against family visits earlier and that they will not be allowed in the hospital room. I am sure if you get your midwife or doctor on your side they would repeat this rule too and you wouldnt be the "bad" daughter in law. Your mother in law is jealous of...
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