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Right now, I just have mine in a notebook. I got some plastic page protectors & printed out labels with the needle sizes on them, and just slipped the needles in. It's pretty functional & can just sit on a bookshelf, but it isn't very pretty.
Love it!
Aww how cute! You'll have to post pics!
I have the Clover Soft Touch- LOVE them! But I do wonder if the egg shape would be better for carpal tunnel.
Absolutely! I like your idea of just reinforcing his developing math skills with things you are doing already & blocks & such- maybe some pattern blocks? I think just playing with the math manipulatives would allow him to figure some of it out himself.
I think today was the first day of school here too. Kinda loving not having to get my sleepyheads up at the crack of dawn. Not one of my 4 is a morning person.
We strive for something similar to this: http://www.enkieducation.org/html/ma...b-sample-c.pdf
I was wondering the same thing. Did you end up finding anywhere? Thanks!
Just wanted to give this a bump and let you all know that the Hestia Global discount is still good for May.
Subbing. These are great! And I am so installing raingutter bookshelves in our next home!
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