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Honestly - maybe he just doesn't really know how to play and interact with kids close to his age. It's definitely a learning process and it may take him a few times to get it. My daughter was a biter when she was two, and I was so afraid of getting kicked out of our wonderful playgroup. I started telling her right before playgroup that if she bit anyone, we would have to leave right away. We left once or twice, after apologizing, and she quickly learned. Give...
Not sure if you mean Boston itself, or are including suburbs. There's a place in Bedford, MA (Springs Brook Park) that has a pool that I believe is chlorine free. It feels like a beach, but it's a man-made pool. We love it there. Take care,
Quote: Originally Posted by plantmama There is a web site which shows how tiny the deer ticks are. Google deer tick, images, and it shows them in real size. I am always on the look out but it seems pointless almost. I mean they are so small. Everyone I know who's caught Lyme's at the rash phase with abx has been fine, at least in the short term. Hoping for speedy healing and thanks for the reminder mamabear! I personally think that the abx...
Sorry to hear about your husband, that must have been scary. My daughter got Lyme's disease when she was six (two years ago) and I think she still has long term effects from it. She was hospitalized and very, very ill. It's definitely a serious concern. Now we do tick checks all the time, but the Lyme ticks are so tiny it's easy to miss them. My daughter's symptoms included intense joint pain/swollen joints, the classic bullseye looking mark on her neck, high fever,...
They're not inflamed, they're just huge. They've always been huge. We've been waiting to see if his throat would grow into them (kind of) but they are keeping pace with the rest of his body. The doctor is concerned with the sleep apnea and the effects of constant exhaustion, so they are coming out. Thanks for the thoughts!
Thanks for the reply! Ari is a pretty tough kid, and we were told we'd get tylenol with codeine for pain. Was it hard for your son to eat/drink afterwards? How long was he sore? Thanks again! It's so helpful to hear from someone who's gone through it. Take care,
My son has had snoring issues for years - he snores so loudly it's hard to sleep near him (he's 6 now). Lately I noticed a weird noise a few times a night and taped it, his peditrician says he has sleep apnea. So he referred us to an ENT. We met with the ENT today, and I got a good feeling from him. We talked about sleep and the fact that Ari isn't getting good sleep, and is chronically exhausted. He recommends taking out his tonsils which are very large and his...
The only IKEA I've ever been to is the one in Stoughton. My kids (8 and 6) absolutely love Smaland. They are always so disappointed when they have to leave. I check in once or twice and they are always well taken care of, the people there seem warm, caring, professional. My kids have never reported anyone being mean or yelling. I don't usually leave my kids with anyone I don't know, but they beg me to go to Smaland. Take care!
I'm from the area, and I work at the high school in one of those towns. They are both nice, quiet little towns, close to the highway and great for commuting. The general consensus is that Reading is a better town, but I'm never sure what makes a town better. Maybe because the schools are better, the taxes are higher, etc. They are both nice, but Reading is more desirable.
Quote: Originally Posted by Liquesce Ben and Jerry's mostly stopped entering my household when Rainforest Crunch exited their product line. Me too, that was my absolute favorite. Then I found one that had Dilbert on the container, and it was called something about nuts or something, they discontinued that too. I hate when they stop making my fave flavors. Creme Brulee is sooo good.
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