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We all have 3. It is too difficult to change out three carseats/boosters every time they switch. I have 3, DP has 3, DSCs mom has three and DSC step dad shares a car with DSC's mom. Moving 2 boosters and a harnessed one is WAYY too much work. Plus we get a call, about once a month, at the last minute saying please pick up DSC which would be impossible without the carseats. Just my 2 cents.
No advice just hugs, I am so sorry you are going through this.....again!
This is kind of a weird suggestion, but save them for your kids. A few years after my parents split up, I asked them what they had done with their rings. They both still had them, and gave me their wedding rings for my 21st birthday. It reminds me of what I grew up with, and whenever I see their rings I am reminded of the happier days when everything was good. I'm thinking one day I will have them made into a single ring and give it to my children. After all, if...
File. I think this might be your best chance to get this in the works.
I am wondering how to help my DSS 6. He gets into moods where he is extremely emotional. Sometimes he is completely comfortable and responds to confrontation well, but other times a simple "no, you cannot eat that lolly pop before dinner" will send him over the edge. He crawls into bed and cries/pouts for hours. Even once the incident is over hours and hours later, he will cry again if anyone mentions that he could not have a lolly pop. I have tried to talk to him,...
I think Tucson, AZ is your best bet. Tons of sunshine, its colder than Phoenix and it is affordable. Low humidity and a small enough town. You can find plenty of organic food downtown and there are farmers markets everywhere. There is a ridiculous amount of hiking trails in west Tucson and you can bike pretty much everywhere. I have friends there who don't even own a car because the biking is so awesome!!
I agree with checking daddy before doing clomid if your hormones and cycles are normal. Good luck!
Thats awesome!! Lets hope it stays that way. Maybe you could encourage her behavior having your DH tell her how incredibly well he is doing now that he is back.....that he isn't having problems this time......etc
Is it today or tomorrow?
New Posts  All Forums: