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I was just thinking of this. I don't have a yard, or plants or a pool. I only shower for 60- 90 seconds. I shampoo only every 5-7 days. I wash full loads of laundry. My kids bathe together. I would love to get a 50 gallon drum to collect water from the drippy shower and give it to a local farmer. I am also planning on using Parenting with Crappy Pictures idea of tide dye clothing for hiding stains and less laundry. Unless someone invents dishwasher wipes I can't think of...
My DS likes to face plant (still not sure how he breathes) my breast to nurse and prop his feet on the back of the couch.
1-year old check up a little early because I wasn't expecting them to have an appointment open. At first the nurse thought we were there for a sick baby, so she only took his temp. 10 minutes of waiting, she come back and asks "wait are you here for a physical?". After finding out yes; speculation of if he is old enough for the appointment being 11m, 1 wk old because he needs the 1y vaccines, and being told that he isn't vaccinated because of religious beliefs, she weighs...
It sounds like your daughter might have food allergies. Refusing to eat much solids is a self-defense mechanism. You might want to research that.... Taking away primary nutrition would be a BAD idea, why would anyone thing it would HELP malnutrition??
My friend quit nursing 7 YEARS ago and she still produces small amounts of milk. Her Dr says it is okay
Quote: Originally Posted by khaoskat Furthermore, as a breastfeeding child, my baby would get a heck of a lot more baby foods than a formula feed baby will. Oh my, I know this. BF babies get 95 jars of babyfood each month. My ds won't EAT babyfood. My husband and I eat a lot of applesauce from 4oz jars, and I have given babyfood to about 8 different people. I am waiting for my son to turn 1 year so we have a manageable amount of milk each month.
I have been paranoid about my 10mo trying strawberries, I didn't think he would be okay with them. Yesterday his grandpa gave him a taste and today his mouth is covered in white, red and swollen. Could a strawberry allergy cause his body to allow yeast overgrowth. Also I gave up chocolate for lent, which may cause...??
I was at a friend's baby shower the other day, the auntie-to-be came up and wanted to hold my son (9mo) and was telling me that she needs to learn about babies, that she doesn't know anything. At one point I we were talking and she asked "So, does he eat?"
I don't think so. If it was, it might be because your daughter ate something that was bad and the milk is making her throw up as a protection against E coli or something. Most likely she's just sick...
I was skimming through it at Barnes and Noble today, and almost the entire chapter on feeding baby is breastfeeding. It has an entire page to "becoming a lactivist", and sums up formula as "a viable way to keep a baby alive". My husband is going to get it is for his friend who is expecting, and has been slightly undermining his wife's plans on breastfeeding.
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