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Yes. Sorry for the confusion, I sent an article about stuttering in my previous post, it mentions "You may notice your child stutters more when she is tired, excited, or upset" That's why I think there is a connection between stuttering and having soy allergy (in the case of the OP's child, not your brother).
Thanks guys. @rnra: Very impressive ideas and art work. Thanks. I see a person does like this: Her DD is 10 year old and is given some money regularly to spend on her own stuff like buying snacks, school supplies... (not much, just enough for those things) Her DD sells some of her art work to mommy's friends and co-workers (actually mommy gives money to them to pay for her, maybe $5 each) There are 3 purposes: 1/ Encourage her to draw because she thinks other...
I heard when the child is upset, he tends to stutter more.
My 5 year old DD currently loves reading Curious George and always thinks about George when she gets into bed. I think the stories about a curious monkey loving to discover life and having good behavior is pretty meaningful, so I let her pick up what she likes. So at our home now, there are only Curious George books, nothing else because DD only chooses them.   I have two different thinking. 1/ Since she loves the character, she loves to read more, and this is...
How is she at other times?  Does she usually have relaxed pace? If not, maybe she doesn't have enough sleep for a day or maybe daytime activities overload. This happens to my DD when she feels tired or doesn't have enough sleep. But when she sleeps enough, she wakes up easily, then I tell her "let's see who runs to bathroom faster, who wears clothes or finish breakfast faster...". At daycare, my DD dilly dallys too, she's having fun so it's hard to ask her to go. But...
After reading your posts, I feel less guilty when throwing away DD's art work. Can you guys tell a little bit more what your child usually makes (on his own without your guidance). Besides drawing his favorite things like cars, trees... does he tell you a story about his work? Also, which kind of drawing/coloring tools he uses? (coloring pencils, brushes, crayon...)
I just read an article from baby center about 5 year old's talking milestone and see this, hope this helps. http://www.babycenter.com/0_developmental-milestone-talking_66695.bc My DD used to be like this for 1.5 years but she outgrew naturally. Being patient listening to her and letting her finish sentences was the only thing I did.
Everyday my DD brings around 4-5 art or craft work from her preK. Each day school has different stuff, like in the last few days, she made pumpkins, bats, costumes... so if I want to keep the best one or something different each day, it's still too many. Because she does many different craft work everyday and also we are busy doing many other activities at home, we never looks back her previous craft work. My home is too small and already full of her other stuff, also...
Thanks guys for all of your inputs. My purpose for my DD to play piano is to love music, feel relax, and boost brain; and I want her to keep taking lessons weekly until at least high school (IF she likes piano)(now she's almost 5). With this purpose, do you think an electric piano is suitable?
I want my DD to take a piano lesson and keep playing in the future (but not become a piano professional) Later on I will have to invest in a piano but it's very expensive. Can you guys tell me the lowest price range of a good used one? I search craigslist and some are around 2k, some are 10k... I don't play piano so I don't really know how to choose one. 2k is affordable but it maybe not good enough, 10k is too expensive for us.  Thanks.
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