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This is my third, and I started feeling movement at 14/15 weeks. He or she is kicking away right now!
I'm so sorry. sending you strength and peace. I lost my firstborn and it was (and is) so hard. Thinking of you.
Sausages, potatoes and some other easy to prepare vegetable.
I'm so sorry.
Thinking of you!
I'm on baby #3 and moved into my fat pants last week at 7 weeks. It seems ridiculous for my belly to be so big already! The funny thing is that I wake up with a flat stomach, and by the end of the day I look 5 months pregnant. I guess it's all bloating.
Tenk, I'm also the same number of weeks pregnant at the same time as my pregnancy with my son who passed away, but it's going to be four years for us this April. Thinking of you - that first year is so hard (as you know only too well). Hoping so hard for you. ((hugs))
Tenk, I also had over 20 ultrasounds for my rainbow DD. I understand. I think everyone makes the best choices for their own situation.
I also had an ultrasound and am feeling more hopeful now. But I'm still having a hard time bonding with this baby. It still somehow doesn't feel very real yet...
In-n-out! Just sent hubby to get me a burger and fries.
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