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I'm in Kuwait for a couple months....anyone still here?!
Hello everyone, I'm a frequent lurker here and I need a little help. I'm looking for programs/ curriculum  for homeschooling my toddler for pre-k and possibly kindergarten years. We travel 100% of the time so I do not have access to putting him in a program since we move to much.  I also have a 3 month at home so any "teaching" sites to look at would be great for her also! Plus with the holidays coming up, what are some good "toys" for a 3 month and 2yr old kid...
My son is 100% just water. Occasionally I will get a pitcher of water and put cut up fruit in it but thats all he drinks. I make sure his urine is light yellow to clear and he goes enough during they day....and i'm surprised by how little that takes! But he eats tons of fruit (watery stuff like melons, grapes, etc) so that is probably the majority of his hydration at this point. oh he is 21 months old.
I'm a bella luna fan also! Love their toys!
Already a fan! :D
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this! And my suggestion for the men.... We did a babysit day for a friend (two kids) while preggo and I had her give me her big old stroller than I took him and the kids all around town and had him lug it up stairs and push threw paths that were rough. By the end of the day he swore he never would get one! LOL He has been a babywearing dad since my son was 1.5 days old <3  He has even done the moby wrap!
, So far my son (19 months) has only had Breastmilk and water for drinks. However my milk has dried up due to pregnancy and so now he is only drinking water. I just want to give him some other non-cow milk non-sugary options to drink and I was wondering what teas would be good for him. And besides fresh squeezed juices what other recommendations do you all have for healthy drinks.   
Thanks. I don't think there are a ton of DIY encapsulation directions out there....which is why I made that post! Small world that I just happen to be in this DDC also! :)    
only think I found that works....cheese balls and coke...not the healthies but I try to eat enough good stuff to equal it out! LOL
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