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As a true arachnophobic, iam LOL at the "NOTHING should have that many legs" comment. We get HUGE cenipedes here, we live by the lake. Talk about LEGS!!!!!
Try to find a practitioner who uses the N.A.E.T. or Bioset method of allergy elimination. Non invasive and it works!!
I work in a complimentary med. practice. We have a homeopathic remedy that really helps. YOu take it orally and spray it on the painful area. If you are interested, PM me.
If I am feeling sad, I watch Victor Victoria, it always makes me feel good. Also a movie called Made IN Heaven. Not mainstream for sure!!!
My ds was about 2-3 and nursed a lot, especially at night. I worked and decided that he needed the connection with me thru the night. It was really hard sometimes, but he stopped nursing thru the night at about 3 and a half. He continued to nurse at bedtime until 4 and a half. He is a very self assured independent happy six year old, and I really believe that he is who he is because I let him decide this time schedule. It is so hard though, and I realize that everyone...
I agree that homeschooling and Montessori are differant in many ways. I chose not to homeschool because I work and because I felt it wouldn't be a good choice for me personally. My ds goes to a Montessori school and loves it. I agree that there is some structure, but it sure seems worlds better to me than public school. My son has not had any problems with bullies and the peer pressure so far has been minimal, or favorable. It all depends on the specific school, as...
It is OK to use ecchinachea with antibiotics. You might also consider using acidophilis to avoid problems with yeast overgrowth.
My ds is 6 and beginning to want to use the restroom himself. I, like some of the other posters, make the determination based on where we are and how comfortable I feel letting him go alone. It is so sad that we have to worry about perverts!!
My OB said it generally doesn't mean much once you are a little farther along, because the uterus will be pushed up into midline as the baby grows. It is a little harder to do a pelvic exam on a person who is retroverted, and sometimes a little harder to get an early US picture.
Blessing to both you and new little Kerianne. I loved your story, made me cry.
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