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Quote: Originally Posted by madsommer He would never leave me, but if he died tomorrow I'd be SOL....declaring bk anyway because there'd be no way for me to swing it. I know I'll be stuck with the student loans. No, no gov't assistance. We make waaay too much. No life insurance through his work? Not that it really matters as he is alive and well. I don't know what to tell you, bankruptcy is not going to give you much relief if you still...
I.m a SAHM and we have a pretty good routine. 6-7am wake up, nurse DD in bed 7-8- breakfast and a TV show (DVD) she loves 9 ish we have our bath (together) I have a large jacuzzi tub with jets and lots of toys and we get in together After bath I nurse her and we get dressed and go out if there are any errands to be run, or we go for a walk to the park if the weather is nice. Back home, we have lunch and I nurse her down for a nap When she is sleeping I tidy up,...
You can declare on your own, I have heard of one spouse declaring and the other one doesn't even know. It is terrible that it's all in your name though, I mean what if your husband was to walk out on you? he would be scott free and you would have all the debt in your name. Double check on the student loans, I am pretty sure you are stuck with them. I wish I had better suggestions. I was going to ask you about working but I see you are expecting a baby in in a few...
Will everything be cleared out with the bankrupcy? I am not sure about the student loans - for some reason I thought you always have to pay those back. How does DH feel about all this? Is he working with the advisor too? Everyone has to be onboard, it's really not fair for you to take the fall when he racked up a lot of the debt.
Maybe she had a painful BM on the potty and she associates pain with the toilet?
How much debt are you in, roughly? is it credit cards? what kind of income does your DH make? If your DH does not change his spending habits, and you go bankrupt, it's just going to happen all over again. Everything has to change, not just clearing the present debt.
Miseraya,that must be so hard for you. Do you have any family or friends to help? Legally you should be able to get child support from your husband. Good luck with everything.
Try something to aim at in the toilet, like a little duck or boat - that will make it fun
If she gets upset about something, a scare or a booboo she will want to nurse again Not that I want her to get upset, but I think it will bring her back to you.
I would be great if you could secretly record it all. I am so sorry you have to deal with this man.
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