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I started sewing dresses for a designer - simple, little girl dresses...i get $10/dress plus i bill for any elastic or buttons i had to buy.  Can i also bill for thread?  I dont know what is protocol here - the designer told me to bill her or elastic or buttons - but didnt specifically say 'thread' - i guess i feel kind of cheap billing for thread - but seriously i am going thru the stuff pretty quickly!!
I feel such anxiety over trying to secure a religious exemption for my son - he will start Pre K  (its universal in our school district) in Sept ....its half days.  i REALLY want him to go - he has been at home with me for nearly 4 years and i think Kindergarten will be totally overwhelming for him if he doesnt go to Pre K first. He has had a total of 5 vaxxes.  I always assumed i would get him everything necessary for K-garten - but pre - k vax requirements are like day...
I grew up around breastfeeding too - in the years between me starting Middle School and me graduating High School - i had two baby brothers and 7 cousins born in my family.  Everywhere i went it was bellies, babies and breasts   i knew one mother who formula fed her daughter and she turned out to be allergic to teh formula (?)  had to switch around formulas - she was a crazy fussy baby until about 6 months old.  The mother was STILL complaining /re telling the stories of...
Oh Adorkable - that sounds like quite a nightmare!  - 
Im not quite sure i understand the problem.  I often make my own pattern based on my kids measurements.  When you have a paper pattern that you are following - if you need to copy it from a book - often first use 'onion skin' - or this translucent paper -  if at all possible - use regular paper and hold the pattern up to a window on a sunny day.  You will see the lines come right thru - trace the lines - then you can copy onto card stock paper or cardboard (cereal boxes...
Let him be uncomfortable.  My son was 12 when our next child came along.  I talked to both him and his 15 yr old sister - and my DH about how I was the one who would feed the baby - they could change, hold, swaddle, carry, otherwise interact with ....but  i was breastfeeding and that meant I fed the baby and the baby would want to eat A LOT.    I honestly have no idea if my teenagers were uncomfortable or not - i treated it as something i will be doing....no questions...
LOL - i know!  im totally addicted.... this could have been such a positive message for HB - if it was!  i just would have plotzed if her midwife arrived via horseback!!   or ATV for that matter!!
Tell me i am the only dope who stayed up late last night (for me....)  to watch Eve and Eivan have their baby ....i was assuming a HB ....or travel to the hospital on ATV....both exciting ways to have a baby!   it was 5 minutes of 'hes here, were so glad...'  - not a word on where he was born!   *grrr*  
Ugh!  im in Long Beach but cant make tomorrow!  Please post if you suddenly become available Friday - or if you give it to any neighbors!  
Didnt see this first post - i got a scholarship for my PP Doula training through CAPPA  - that was about 7 years ago ...not sure if they still do this..... glad you found something you like!
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