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Menonites quit nursing after 6 months so their fertility will return and they will be able to have more children.
Was Markai breastfeeding?  I saw one this afternoon - Christina and Isiah (i think!)  and she was breastfeding.  I t seems like whenever they say they are, you always wind up seeing a bottle in the frame  eventually.  There was one - Lizzie i think, very little blond girl who was "nursing because it was free" and quit because it hurt so much - i just HATE to see people who need help just toatlly ignored! 
I had luck with eliminating dairy - my DS#1 had had a few ear infections, weaned when he was 9 months old and i used a dairy based formula - when he turned 1 i took him off all dairy (used soy milk, rice milk etc...)  then started dairy back slowly when he was 2 ...it worked for him!
Not to mention that my DH is 5'9", only 135 lbs  -( i think if i met your husband i might say he was underweight   ) It doesnt sound like your children are destined to be gigantic people to start with - i think the other posters are correct, breast feeding is not encouraging malnourishment - (i dont think malnourished children  have the energy to run everywhere) You sound like you are fine with how often he nurses and have a good handle on non-dairy foods (speaking...
My LO is only 3 months - from about 3 weeks on he started to get very cranky around 5PM...i took him for a nice long walk in the baby carrier - he loved it.  I have no idea how old your baby is...and of course, its been 40 degrees and rainy most days around here! 
I dont know if EBF is 98% effective...maybe like 85% - 90% ....its different for everyone.  Co sleeping helps the equation - but it implies that you are also night nursing.  My LO was sleeping 6 hours at night before he was 4 weeks old...(and has continued to do so)  with that 6 hour span spent NOT nursing - my midwife told me not to rely on EBF for contraception ...also, another baby right now and my DH would have a real meltdown...lol  so for us, we use condoms.
This is 100% right!  Why are we so possessed to drink the milk of THIS particular mammal?   to the detriment , often times...of drinking the milk we are supposed to drink! 
Its a tough decision - i had my first at a free standing Birth Ctr. - but it had closed by the time i had baby #2 - so my options were my midwife at a hospital - or my midwife at home.  It took me months to make up my mind.  I toured the hospital and thought it was a horrible place to be during labor....the bed was so narrow (both me and my baby would not fit together to sleep there!)  - there was no space to walk around in the room (was i really gonna have to walk...
I weighed  298 when DS#2 was born - three months ago - i got an Ergo as a gift - once i purchased the waist extension for it - i like it very much.   The Mei Tais looked great to me - i made one for myself - i did not add padding to the straps - and that was a mistake!
He wont outgrow as quickly as you think - once he gets older, his legs will stick out the sides and go around you.   I think clovergirl is right - tie the top straps a bit tighter and it should help pull out the slack on the top. 
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