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How old is your DH?  I have been Lactose Intolerant for about 13 yrs now...it took me a while - like a year or so to realize what was going on...but yes, it starts with milk and ice cream being off the list - then seems to progress to soft cheeses and finally cheddar and american were off the table ....i cant even cook with real butter...and yes, its for life.  Lactose Intolerance happens because your body starts to produce less Lactase (the enzyme which helps break down...
Good Morning!  Im not originally from LI - but i have  lived here for 20 years....i was in Sufffolk Cty for about 10 years and now back in Nassau cty.  Welcome!
Free For Shipping Homemade diaper cover - pull up.  Use as extra waterproof barrier for over night, use over underwear for no leaks when going out.  Made from Schoeller Stretch fabric  a blend of - Cordura/Lycra Blend  - with terry cloth around the legs and waist for more comfort. 
For Sale : $ 10.00  one flip cover.  no inserts - In great shape, fits 26 - 50 lbs.  My 54 lb 2yr old outgrew it pretty quickly. 
Free For Shipping: 5 extra large cloth diapers - made from upcycled tee shirts, fleece inner core, and PUL on outside.  Snaps.  fits 30 - 50 lbs.  Some have ribbing around the legs instead of elastic, some have gussets.  I was trying to perfect my diaper making skills - so no two are exactly alike! Perfect for extra pudgy toddlers (my 54 lb 2 yr old recently grew out of them) 
Im not actually a vegan, BUT i thought this might be the best place to post this question.  Has anyone made non-dairy in the crockpot?  I have tried twice once with coconut milk and coconut yogurt starter and last night with hemp milk and a probiotic capsule....both were miserable fails!  they didnt thicken at all - eventually id like to make my own yogurt to use in salad dressing.  I followed this recipe:  3 hours heating up in crock pot, 2.5 hours cooling in crockpot,...
this is a website where you can design your own fabric ....http://www.spoonflower.com/welcome
Any Vitamin C that is not used by your body gets eliminated - peed right out!  so i would say that its perfectly safe to take mega quantities while nursing - i have also taken echinacea  while nursing. 
We had a bucket car seat (given to us) so i used it - but it stayed in the car the whole time...i loved the ease of the ring sling - i wore the sling under my coat in the car, took baby out of car seat and right into the ring sling - we live in NY but our winters average about 40 ish.... the sling i felt kept him warmer than the car seat.  Bottom line was that stroller in the car, stroller out of the car, car seat onto stroller.... was a LOT more work than baby into...
That took a lot of courage!
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