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Kid's room painting is in progresss !
I finally made a crinkle tag toy. I'm very happy how it turned out, not perfect but so cute.
Ok, I had started a list in the baby space post, but I'll update here with more generic tasks.   To do:   1) Pack to toys and books that are overflowing my son's room right now and keep in room the minimum for living thru the work. 2) Paint the room (never done that for my son, it will be the first time I decorate a kid's room) + small repairs. 3) Paint some furniture pieces. 4) Choose and buy closet organizers (big double sliding door closet : I want to install...
I'm due June 27 and I'm leaving work (full time office job) May 30th, so exactly 4 wks prior. I plan on sending my son to daycare 4 days a week in those four weeks and do something significant for him the day he is with me. I also wish the nursery and baby supplies will be all ready by then so the only things I'll do will be cooking to stock the freezer and sew pretty extra things for baby. I want to take a walk everyday in my last month and SLEEP as much as I...
I've just seen this on Ikea website:   http://www.ikea.com/ca/fr/catalog/products/50237627/ and http://www.ikea.com/ca/fr/catalog/products/30235115/   Pretty cheap, I'll look into it next time I go to the store.
I was thinking about needing a bigger diaper bag recently and then I realize that the across the shoulder / carry-on bag of a set of luggage I have will be perfect. Plenty of pockets and a Nylon wipable material. 
I'm done with the clothes ! I know it's kind of early but I really needed to prove myself there's nothing I must be shopping for.
I went a little crazy yesterday... I clean the donated car seat and went through all the boxes of baby clothes to sort what was what, then I did 3 loads of laundry and folded all my baby clothes 0 to 6 months. This morning I'm heading to the store to pick up paint chips so I'll have the week to make my mind about the kid's room color. Definitely nesting !
Seen this on Pinterest, had a nice thought for all of you. xx
@PrimalMom  Here's a tutorial to sew baby hats from old shirts or older kid's outgrown clothes : http://prudentbaby.com/2011/02/baby-kid/top-knot-baby-hat-tutorial-2/
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