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Hi, Jessica - thanks, I'll try the other board. Sorry to hear about your recent appointment, it seems like a widespread problem. That is a good thought, to ask how long the appointment is for. I actually never considered that. I wish I could afford to just go to a naturopath as a PCP, I think that is what I really want. It just doesn't make financial sense for me. Good luck in your search!
Hi, I've been very fortunate to have found healthcare providers that I am very happy with for my children and feel very good about the care that they are getting. However, I am really having a difficult time finding a PCP for my husband and I since our move to the area. I have some ongoing health concerns that aren't serious, but, need monitoring and it is important to me to have a PCP that takes our insurance. I just came back from a new PCP who was recommended to me...
We moved a while ago and I haven't yet selected a PCP for myself. I'd really appreciate some recommendations from any of you on this board. Thank you very much!
Thanks for the recommendations!
Hi! I'm hoping someone can recommend a pediatrician in this general area. I've been having a hard time finding one that supports delayed vaccinations. Any leads? Thanks!
I'm completely geographically-challenged when it comes to the greater Boston area. But, if you are near Arlington, Dr. Landis is wonderful. She is at Arlington Pediatrics. The reception staff is rather lukewarm -- but if you can see past that Dr. Landis is a great pedi. I'm not uber-AP, so she might not be the right choice for an AP enthusiast. I'd recommend checking her out, though.
I'm also looking for a pedi in that general vicinity -- I hope your thread gets a few more responses. Fingers crossed!
trying desperately to avoid them progressing to abscesses(sp?) one is possibly in the intermediate stage. is there anything that i can do along with the hospital treatment (iv abx) to help this clear up? i'm bringing in probiotic smoothies to help replace some of what he's losing from the abx. any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it tremendously. Quote: Originally Posted by Lydiah Clean it with breastmilk if you are nursing. Should I still clean it with breastmilk even if it has already started healing? The bite happened yesterday. Thanks.
My 1 year old was bitten by a cat at her family daycare. It was their neighbors cat that is frequently outdoors. It is a superficial bite, but did break the skin. My daughter hasn't had any tetanus shots. Wondering what you would do in this situation. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: