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I use something like this: http://www.ikea.com/be/nl/catalog/products/50095091/ When not in use to dry clothes it folds flat and is sometimes even used as "gate" to keep the dog out of certain areas, lol
Many Belgians who want to go live on teh country, move to France, Italy or Spain and open a B&B there. I don't know if this would work where you want to move to, and I don't know if you want to go live off the grid or not (would be hard to have a B&B then), but this could be a way to get an income.
If the moving company doesn't want to move your food and you really want to take it with you, rent a van or so, and move it all yourself. Start saving newspapers now, wrap every jar in newspaper, put it in a box and hope for the best.
Quote: Originally Posted by HappilyEvrAfter I'm talking about summer rain when there's no lightning/thunder...just sprinkles and heavy gushers. Or do you make them come/stay inside/out of it? Yes, I would let them play in the rain. Children are not made of sugar, so they won't melt. (OK, now I will read all the replies, I only read the first post. Who knows, the thread might have gone off topic or I might have given now the "response...
With lots of booze and comfort food. BUt I guess that's not the answer you were looking for
Are you interested in a POV from abroad? Over here, the "rule of thumb", is not more than 33% of your net income, with a minimum of about 800 eur per month left over for other expenses. My mortgage is about 30% of my net income. Since I pay about 50% income tax, that would be about 15% of gross income. Had I wanted, I could have borrowed more though, because I get a lot of extras from teh company (different insurances are paid by them, company car, company gas...
How do employers react to that? I can't really imagine calling my manager and saying "I'm staying home the next couple of days because of AF". Seeing how much I am billed to clients on a daily basis, this would mean a big loss for the company.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mandynee22 That really stinks! I would tell them that it isn't child friendly and I'm sorry, but their precious baby can't come and "oops, sorry, the world doesn't revolve around you"... OK. I wouldn't say any of that because I'm a wuss. But I would have DP say it... because he would LOL I think it's really self centered to think your kid is invited to something they weren't invited to just because they're your...
Quote: Originally Posted by journeymom Ummm, yes, exactly. To each their own. ==================================== Listen, you wild and free Europeans and people who have no problem with their children bathing with the g-parents: Good for you! Looks like many of the the moms here are not comfortable with their children bathing with the grandparents. I think it's the culture. It's the way we were raised. No one said the naked body is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jessy1019 If that time and place isn't in the shower/bathtub, when is it? I'm genuinely confused. Shower/ bath tub is a place to be naked. Shower/ bath tub with a naked grandparent in it, is not, imho. But thank you on "catching" me while expressing myself in a wrong way in my fourth language.
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