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1. Preferred name: Shannon 2. EDD (estimated due date) 10/31/2013 3. How long TTC (trying to conceive) 30 months.... We had an ectopic pregnancy in September 2010 and haven't been able to conceive since.  4. Part of the country you live in: Texas 5. How many kids you have:  3 boys 6. Profession:  midwife 7. Hoping for a boy or girl (or don't care either way) and why:  a healthy baby!  We have wanted another for so long.  I am definitely fearful about...
I want to bump this.  I am looking for a way to serve once a year until it is the right time for my family to move on the mission field.  Any other options for out of country mission work for midwives?  
Check out this online auction with all funds benefitting the Houston Chapter of Improving Birth National Rally for Change:   http://hyenacart.com/stores/ImprovingBirth/   There are lots of great items and local services being auctioned off right now! Check it out and bid away...  Auction ends Tuesday evening!   All procedes go to offset costs involved with the Houston chapter of Improving Birth's National Rally for Change on Labor Day, September 3rd,...
Highly recommend Dr. Paul Dibble of Simple Traditions in Magnolia.  He is a family doctor, okay with many alternative choices, makes home visits and after hour calls, etc.  He has a website as well.  
The first planning meeting is set for next week.  Here is the link to RSVP   https://www.facebook.com/events/442120645800047/   Spread the word and like the facebook page.  Thanks!  
I am just now seeing this!  I am sorry the link did not work.  If you have any midwife/birth related questions, do feel free to PM me.  There will be another Ask the Midwife event soon!  
I am coordinating our local national rally for change here in Houston set for labor day 2012.  The purpose of this rally is to educate women to question inductions, csections with the goal that number of unnecessary csections and inductions will drop.  Go and like the facebook page to stay updated on meetings and the event:    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Improving-Birth-National-Rally-for-Change-Houston-TX/260382370727035   If you are interested in...
Hello, ladies!  This Saturday is your opportunity to ask a midwife questions regarding midwifery, home birth, water birth and any questions regarding birth you have!  Follow the facebook link to rsvp: https://www.facebook.com/events/155659764562504/  
Hi!  I just met a wonderful MD in Magnolia who is okay with no vax!  He actually is a doctor I send some of my midwifery patients to.  His name is Dr. Paul Dibble.  Here is his website...  http://www.stfhealth.com/ .  He is midwife/home birth, breastfeeding, anti vax, friendly.  Feel free to PM me with any questions!    Shannon Stellhorn, CPM LM  
I passed NARM as well, first time, with lots of cushion.  I did PEP as well.  The biggest thing I did for myself was attend Vicki Penwell's study retreat.  It was very, very helpful and really helped me fill in the gaps.  I made sure to read through and make study cards out of most of the first line books, mainly tearing apart Heart and Hands.  I reread Heart and Hands a month before taking NARM.  I was told it would be valuable to me to study a lot on STD's and...
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