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If she is already at risk for PTL, then there should be absolutely NO stimulation of the nipples.  It is completely normal for a woman to experience leaking and I think it would be completely fine just to use the pads to catch the leaking.  IMHO I would not encourage pumping.  Good luck!
Hello!  I am an apprenticing CPM here in Houston, TX!  I have three boys, 7, 3, 15 months.  My 7 year old is adopted and I had my other two at the birth center I now apprentice at.  I was going through ATM, but recently dropped it due to the fact we are moving out of the country.  So I am working hard on getting my numbers so I can apply for the PEP process.  Looking forward to chatting with more of you aspiring midwives :)
Having the client perform Iodine douchings or hebiclens douchings are even more effective than treatment with antibiotics.  Here is a link on some of the info...   http://www.drmomma.org/2009/09/chlorhexidine-hibiclens-protocol-for.html
I saw some past threads on NARM preparation, but they were dated.  It seems that there is no practice test for the NARM other than this:  http://www.mo-media.com/midwives/ .  Anyone have any advice if this is worth the cost?  I was going through a program but am now going through the PEP process, due to moving out of the country in the Fall.  I want to make sure I am prepared.  I apprentice at a high volume birth center with two CNM's so I know a lot of holistic, but I...
Hello, all!  My husband and I will be moving our family to the Yucatan to begin a church.  I have been a doula for a few years and have been apprenticing to be a midwife for a year.  I would like to practice in Mexico, but I am unable to find any laws or regulations on midwifery in Mexico.  Can anyone help?  A majority of my practice is going to be free as I want to help improve maternity care for area women. Any resources or information will be appreciated!  
Feel free to PM me off list for more info...  I doula'd at North Houston Birth Center and do not reccommend it for mom's who truly want a natural birth with no interventions.  Lots of typical medical things are done routinely there that may not bother some, but are issues for mom's who have expectations as well as the approach of the midwife on staff.  rite of Passage birth center in Pearland takes Medicaid.  They have 3 midwives on staff.  I delivered my boys there as...
I  have delivered my boys at Rite of Passage in Pearland as well as apprentice there now.  Late transfers are not uncommon at all!  Feel free to PM if you have any questions :)  
I am a doula and had a client vbac with Dr. McGuirck at Methodist Willwobrook.  He was wonderful with her!  He encouraged her along the way for a VBAC and I bleive most of the doctors in his practice are supportive of VBAC.  Wish you luck in finding a good doctor!  That is extremely important :)      
Natalie Womacks birth center is Katy Birth Center.  www.katybirthcenter.com  It is her, Cathy Rude, and Connie Blackum.  All wonderful ladies!
I wanted to share with you all that Bernadette Olivier's birth center Rite of Passage is now offering home births.  She also is doing VBACs for those who have already had a VBAC and considering the VBAC option for all mom's in home birth settings.  Wanted to share this because I know many of you that have private insurance only have Bernadette as an in network provider, and it may be cheaper and/or work out better for some of you to be able to deliver with her.  Thought...
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