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Typically they are government grants that will help with anything from tuition to utility bills. But I just can't seem to figure the system out myself. I don't have much spare time (I'm not even supposed to be on here now) so it's difficult for me to search so I was hoping someone on here has had some success with them.
Does ANYONE know anythign about obtaining a single mother grant? I have searched and searched, but all I can find are those "kit" they want you to buy, but I am skeptical of giving my hard earned money to a company I know nothing about. I know they are usually only like $30, but that is my dd Flovent perscription right there! I can't risk that on a maybe opportunity.
I am new here and in reading your post, it makes me all that more relieved my x doesn't care enough about our dd to do any of that. I am so sorry you kids are having to go through this! Please encourage your son to go t the school guidence counselor, or even go yourself ans tell them what is going on. Maybe he will open up to them. I will pray for you!
New Posts  All Forums: