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Lest anyone forget that not everyone in the religious studies forum, (or in the ancient world) is cisgendered, I'd suggest a point the blogger didn't make: Since Jesus rejected nearly every privilege granted to him because of being born a man (power, money, ordained ministry, wife, etc), and instead preached feminine practices like love, sacrifice, and forgiveness; spent much of his time teaching and healing (what gender are most teachers? medical professionals?), and...
For me, the 1 Target tank I bought was a complete waste of $. Can't recommend it if you are larger than a B cup. I'm very happy with my Bravado tanks, which have been worth every penny.
I used stevia as part of my rasp leaf tea mix all through pregnancy with the approval of my midwife (hence I assume it is fine now that the baby is born,too). I bought actual dried stevia leaves from the bulk herb section. Didn't realize anyone was selling processed packaged versions.
Congrats Scrapbrooke! I also have to say thanks to my DDC. You ladies were such a wealth of information and did a great deal to ease my mind through this pregnancy.
Honestly I'm not sure who exactly this offer is supposed to appeal to. The Anglicans who are opposed to female and gay leadership are almost entirely in the Evangelical wing of the church and would never consider joining the Roman Catholic Church. Those outside the Anglican Communion often assume that there is a link between Catholic-like liturgy and conservative social practice, but (at least in the UK, Australia, and North America) most of the Catholic-looking parishes...
I like the Hampden Park Co-op on Raymond Ave.
I lost my plug 6 days before going into labor. I happened to have a midwife appointment the same day I lost my plug and she told me I was 75% effaced and 1 cm dilated. No bloody show for me until I was in labor.
Born at home on Oct 22nd at 8:44am. 8 hours from my first contraction to his birth. It was awesome! http://www.flickr.com/photos/kevinth...7622517382923/
I don't know. My mom had a "natural" birth (no pain meds) at a hospital in the early eighties, but was still induced, given pitocin and an episiotomy, and strapped to multiple monitors. She describes hords of unfamiliar nurses constantly in and out of the room, and my dad got in an argument with the OB for trying to rush the delivery. Needless to say, they are very supportive of my plan to birth at home .
OMG the Chariot sidecarrier looks so awesome!! Thanks for sharing. I am anxiously awaiting the Madsen review as well
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