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I'm a South African living in the UK and I love it. I would never live anywhere else but here. The thing is there will always be something about a country that irks you but the key is to decide if it is a deal breaker. You will never find the perfect country that has all your (or anyone's) perfect requirements. I agree with one of the pp's who said 'pick your spot'!! That is so important. We lived in Bristol for 6 years and I hated it. It really wasn't my kind of...
South Wales!! You have the Gower, Brecon Beacons and the beach all around Swansea. It's small enough to know everyone but big enough to have everything you need. We have a thriving Home Ed community. It's cheaper then the rest of the Uk and the people are incredibly friendly!! Here is the link to the Home Ed Group http://www.wiseuphe.netfirms.com/
Hi I've only just seen this. If you still need any info , I am South African and lived in Johannesburg for a number of years.
Hi I lived in Bristol for 6 years. £50 000 a year is a very comfortable salary. Unless you live an extremely extravagant lifestyle that should be more then enough for a family. There are many parks large and small all around the city. I wouldn't worry about that. I'm not sure if the kind of school you are looking for is in Bristol but that is purely because I HS my children. There is a very large and active HS community in Bristol...
No, the "word" exotic does not offend me. I don't spend my life looking for reasons to be offended by people who are genuinely trying to complement me. I get far more offended when people ask "what are you?". Exotic in my world is far more pleasing to hear, and BTW my dh has always called me exotic, it didn't hurt his chances with me.
Unfortunately I have a sinking feeling this law *will* be passed. There are too many people out there who believe not have the MMR is a serious health issue that affects the entire nation. My ds was due his MMR back in Feb. Since then I've had *concerned* phone calls from my doctor, my health visitor and myriad of letters from our health authority on the dangers of opting out of the MMR will not only have to your child but other children. Had I not been so absolutely...
Quote: So if dinosaurs coexisted with humans, then according to the bible they would have been brought on Noah's ark, correct? How would the already maxed over capacity ark house dinosaurs? I don't think that is even physically possible, not to mention the impossibilities of feeding them. Are dinosaurs ever even mentioned in the bible? Why would god create an entire class of animals only to allow them all to die out? Just asking some questions your kids might...
We have found these useful The Edge of Evolution by Micheal Behe Behe also has a blog on Amazon , which is quite good and The Institute for Creation Research HTH
I agree the first pics look like pattypans but I've also never seen white ones, just green and yellow. Can't tell you how to cook them, I hate them. The second pic looks like Gem squash. And they are yummy, yummy!!!
I've had people ask to take pictures of me wearing ds. I really don't mind.
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