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Ringworm can be killed with Selsun Blue shampoo, and also, most yeast infection creams. I had it on my neck for the majority of the pregnancy and didn't know until a couple of weeks ago, b/c I just thought it was a dark spot from the increased melanin. I asked my OB and she told me it was ringworm and told me to get the Selsun Blue, but it's like $8 and I read online that you can cure it with yeast infection cream, which was free bc I already had it. I tried just putting...
Good luck, I hope you get to meet your baby today and everything goes well!   AFM, baby won't stop punching/ headbutting my cervix, it's extremely uncomfortable! Maybe he will break my water with his mighty fists/ head and come out today, but I doubt it. Lost some mucous a couple days ago, been walking like a maniac, and ate like an entire pineapple yesterday. He's just not ready yet, but I'm so impatient.
  Have a baby!  
Congratulations, I hope everything goes perfectly!
Still working at 39 weeks here, too! Not much though! I am working 9 hours this week, and then next week will be my last week. I'm not working overdue! I can't wait to be officially on maternity leave! I haven't decided yet how long I'm taking, it probably depends on how easy it is to find a sitter once I go back to work, and how hard school is this semester.
I'm totally ready to zip up pants again, but I know I'm going to be pretty sad the first time I try to squeeze my butt into some pre-baby jeans. I can't wait to be able to exercise for real again, though. My tennis racket is calling me!
I am so so so jealous of everyone having their babies! I just want my little man here! Unfortunately, my OB says he's not coming any time soon. My cervix is still fully posterior, barely 1cm dilated, and still over 4cm long. I'm only 38 weeks, but I'm so ready to meet him and hold him and see DH become a daddy! I am with you ladies who can't get motivated! I'm motivated to color my hair and do a mani pedi and other stuff so I don't look haggard in those first pictures,...
I can't wait to brush my teeth without taking the chance of vomiting! I seriously throw up about half of the times I brush my teeth. It's not pleasant. I want my gag reflex to be back to normal. Who knows what kinda nasties are hanging out on the back of my tongue because I will throw up everywhere if I reach them. . .
  I got a medela swing pump from craigslist for $40, and it's $150 at Target. The lady gave me a ton of the microwave steam sanitizing bags, a ton of storage bottles, and a ton of extra crap to go with it, and it appears to be in awesome shape. I think that the steam bags will work well, I'm not scared of germs, and I'm glad I got an awesome deal.
MILK! Milk has been my number one craving, I can devour like half a gallon a day! Cereal, mangoes, oranges, amazing cheeseburgers from this awesome campus diner close to our house, strawberries, popsicles, anything with rice, hotdogs with cheese in crescent rolls.
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