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We waited until age 3. My son tried it 2-3 times and really liked it.. then he started telling me he didn't like it, then he said he didn't want it anymore. When we went in for allergy testing, we found out he's allergic.. and each subsequent exposure could increase the severity.. we don't do nuts at all in our home anymore as the kids also tested allergic to hazelnuts and cashews and I tested positive for almonds. All new.. and scary.
my newly one-year old is 18 pounds 8 oz. She's a wee one.
For Lindsey's 3rd birthday, the party favors were a boxed puzzle.
Hi all We survived the birthday party.. did a combined party for the girls. Lindsey caught her hair on fire while blowing out the candles (just singed really, but still scary) and we ended up with a pinata that was *reinforced* and indestructible.. pretty hilarious to see the Daddy's beating on it, the tree swaying and the pinata refusing to give up. They broke the cool twisty straws inside, but the pinata had to be cut apart. : The girls both had their checkups.....
My children love them. Some are better than others, but they're great when they need help winding down. JustJamie, I'm with you.. my kids really love the music. Angela, simply because *your* daughter doesn't like it doesn't mean that's true for all children. We watch them sparingly at our house, but they're great for sick days, days when things are chaotic and we need something quiet.
Paige posted the links I was going to! I'm in Duluth.. where in the metro area are you? Also.. what do you need? clothing sizes, toys, etc? I'm decluttering and dont' mind passing some on rather than taking it to consignment if it'd help and I have something you need..
Quote: Originally Posted by sevenkids It's an old wives tale in Jamaica that babies who teethe late walk earlier, and babies who walk late teethe earlier. My kids who teethed late walked between 7 and 10 months, and my brothers, who had mouths full by 6 months, walked at 13 and 14 months. interesting.. never heard that one! my oldest walked at 9.5 months, got her first tooth at 8.5 months. my second walked at 10 months, got his first tooth...
my little girl is a July 28th baby too! We're having a big party - my other daughter turns 5 on the 31st, so they're having a combined party on the 29th. : I've got no idea what to get Leila.. and having older siblings means that we *have* to get her something, because they'll know and be heartbroken for their baby sister if we don't. we had 3 kids in 4 years though.. so it's not like we've got a shortage of anything... she's still in 3-6 month clothes, and...
she's walking .. my baby is a walker.
: she woke up from nap today, stood up and walked across the room.. she's been walking all over ever since!
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