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I totally got the reed diffuser bug yesterday! That seems like a great solution so it's good to know it has worked for you! I have lavender EO and wanted a lavender diffuser so I looked up how to make diffuser oil and it seems I would need to buy some kind of dipropylene glycol and perfumers alcohol...sounded a little overwhelming so I've been looking at them on etsy and thinking it sounds great. I'm thinking a lavender/lime mixture would be great! I think I'm gonna do...
Wow GREAT information thank you I will definitely get to work on this stuff!!! I have a lavender oil roll-on in my purse from a local lavender farm, I use it CONSTANTLY :-)
I work in a tiny, windowless office. Fluorescent light, drab furnishings, the works. I'm working on a gorgeous bulletin board collage to brighten it up b/c pretty soon the legislature is going to go into session and I will at times be in said office for up to 20ish hours at a time EEK SO, I'm wanting to add a little air freshening to the mix as it can get pretty stale in this building but I HATE double hate glad plug ins or the plug ins from bed bath body etc.....I have...
Asking b/c I REALLY want to get them for our boys and dh is on board but I can tell he's not totally convinced, just thinks its some whim of mine. I'd like to present him with a summary of the compelling reasons to do it so he'll feel good about the extra cost, but haven't found a GREAT site with all the info in one place...and I'm really bad at trying to pull together all the snippets I've read that led me to be convinced it is what is best for them.
oh my gosh dawncayden I'm rotfl at the emoticon in your sig - that captures our kiddos exactly!!! thank you both for your input, glad to hear this isnt a wacky idea - I wished I had a brother or sister to cuddle - or wrestle - with when I was little so it sunded like a fine idea to me too.
I searched a bit and didn't see a thread about this, if it's a repeat I apologize.. I have a 4 year old who sleeps in his own bed, own room (coslept with us til he was about a year and a half then off and on til probably 2 and a half, now has no problem sleeping by himself) I also have an 8 month old who cosleeps with us and I figure will continue to until around a year or so as with DS1. So I'm planning ahead here, but that's what moms do, right? I'm just...
Oh yes, flannel. sorry, though I wrote that, I'll have to go edit - it's definitely important they be flannel. They were some nice cushy flannel ones, all cotton
This seems really obvious so sorry if it's already been talked about, but my midwife has been a midwife for 30 years and never thought of it so thought I'd share! On the check-off list for supplies to have on hand for my HB she asked for a whole ton of receiving blankets. Well I went to get some and had an attack of frugality. I just couldn't pay $3 a pop! So I went to goodwill and found a couple really nice quality old flannel sheets. I bought one "real" receiveing...
I'll PM you, don't think I'm supposed to post it here
Thank you so much for sharing your video - you are amazing!!!! What a sweet family you have too. Tears are flowing! Congratulations!
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