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Hey, so many name threads, I guess people are into it, just wanted to post a boy one that I LOVE but if we are having a boy we have to use a family name, all is said and done. But I thought some others might like the name "BOONE". Definitely different, but I think it is kinda cool, laid back, handsome name that is fun to say. Just in case anybody is looking for more brainstorm ideas
One name that came to mind after reading your other ideas and the names of your kids is "Mirabai" - that is my friend's baby's name and I just think it is so pretty and different (I've never heard of another one). I forget exactly where they got it - some spiritual woman from India maybe? She explained, I just forget. They pronounce it Meer-uh-bye. Good luck! I am trying to figure out girl names too, its hard!
Quote: Originally Posted by Collinsky I think Crescent is cute but Marine absolutely made me think about the Marines. What about Merina? There are a LOT of sea-themed names if you're looking for some ideas... *Nereis (sea sprite) Nerissa (from Nereis) Nereida (Spanish form of Nereis) *Asherah ("she walks on the sea", the name of an ancient Hebrew Goddess) Marissa (star of the sea) Kai (sea, Hawaiian) Kailani (sea and sky) *Mai (ocean,...
good point about the Marine thing - thanks for the feedback!
We already know what we will name a boy (Harvey, after my FIL that recently passed away), but I am struggling with a girl name - I like one on the hippie side, but my husband is cowboy through and through so it can't be too wild. So...I have been thinking about: CRESCENT It has a bit of a nature element to it as it is the shape of the moon, it has a nice meaning (one who creates - or something close to that)...my husband of course asked if her middle name would be...
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