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Liked on facebook but I don't have twitter :(  I love the sleeping bags. So practical and sweet!
I love/am thankful for:   -the past week we spent visiting my grandparents on their homestead, time is so precious lately. -the serger my grandma gave me!!!! You have no idea how happy this alone makes me lol -the hugs and kisses my 19 month old DS gives me. -definitely the time left with just one child, I'm trying to treasure every moment. -knitting -sewing -good friends -nap times
I'm having some issues with the IL's this week. Looooong story but I do not like them much and do not trust them at all around my child(ren). We had them over for a belated fathers day yesterday and they did not take their shoes off when they entered my house, with white carpets. We all ended up going to a family BBQ in the afternoon and MIL hogged my son from the moment we got there and went out of my site into the house. I went inside (that's where the food was) and...
I like what he had to say however I do think he could've been more tactful about it. The thing with intactivism is some people (including me) get so emotional about it that we forget that we are talking to people that really have no clue. We end up (too) passionately stating our case and it turns a lot of people off. I think if we could learn to be more compassionate instead of passionate we would actually get through to many more people. They don't need to hear how they...
DDcrashing   My response would be something along the lines of "Wow, I'm surprised that someone with as much knowledge in the field of obstetrics would be soooooo behind the times...I hope you aren't handing out this completely outdated information to your clients??!!"  Look utterly shocked.   If she says anything else just tell her that your sons penis is none of her business anyway and smile and walk away.
Wow it has been a long time since I have posted in this DDC. Definitely miss the chatting this time around....it's hard when you are so busy!   I am going in for my first (and hopefully only) US tomorrow and we have decided that we want to find out the gender this time if possible. I am excited and nervous because the lady told me that the appointment would take approx. 75 minutes!! I sure hope they don't actually have the US machine on that whole time! I don't want...
Hmmm...part of me would feel the same way as you, a bit paranoid. I would be hard pressed to answer the phone too. However, I feel that unless there is accurate data out there supporting the 'anti vaccine' crowd then we are going to continue to feel this way. If they really are looking for accurate data and they really are a legitimate call, I would answer honestly, even brutally. Every answer will become a statistic so it would be nice if there was more to support why...
I like Bella Luna Toys on facebook :)
I like mothering on facebook, of course!
Yeah my DH thinks it's disgusting but said the same thing along with "I just hope you don't expect me to eat it too...."    lol
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