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Thank you, Cheri.  That was a very inspiring message.
  Just wondering what does "NAK" mean?  
My seventh baby is now 20 months old.  So far, she's gone the longest out of all her siblings as far as still breastfeeding.  The rest of them quit by about 18 months at the longest.  I leave it up to them when they want to quit, but I always HOPE they're gonna keep going longer... as is the case right now... This little girl is losing interest in breastfeeding.  She feeds first thing when she wakes up, usually around 7:30 or 8:00 am, and only goes maybe three or four...
Oops, sorry for having posted in the wrong section. I'm seldom here so haven't gotten used to all the different sections that are available and just saw "breastfeeding" in the title and went with that. Thanks for your input VTmamadownsouth. Are you doing the Master Cleanse right now?
My seventh baby is 19 months old and still breastfeeding 2-4 times a day. I've done the Master Cleanse several times in the past, but never done one while breastfeeding, not being sure if it is okay to do as there are mixed messages regarding that. I've never heard anything from someone who has actually done the MC while breastfeeding, though, and I wondered if anyone in here has any experiences they can share concerning it. ?
I think I might have the answer: low estrogen levels due to pregnancy hormone changes. I went to see a gynecologist recently and she prescribed me something called an Estring. Looking into it for more info.
Hi Jacki. I'm also looking for support like that. I hope we both find it!
I used to be in an MSN support group for weight loss after my sixth baby was born and loved it. Then they shut down MSN groups. Now I'm nearly three months after the birth of my seventh baby and would like to find a support group to help with my fitness goals. Does anyone know of a good one for moms?
I'm in the market for a new monitor, too, as my old sound-only one, which was second-hand in the first place, died recently after several years of good use. Leaning towards getting a video monitor so am interested in reading further replies to this post. I guess I could've just said "bump"!
I've recently heard of something called "sixth week bleed" that sometimes occurs in nursing moms. I don't know much about it so am going to look into it more. Might be what I'm experiencing.
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