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I just moved back to Edmonton, and I'm wanting to connect with like minded- parents. I have a 2.5 year old and a 5 year old, so I think we've maybe grown out of the baby groups. We are at the tail end of breastfeeding, so I don't know that we fit into LLL's scene.    Anyone out there that is a SAHM around this age? I'd love to connect with some Mama's, and make some friends! 
No  one is judging when they say that you may not want to look at open adoption. The ideal that you are describing, is one that as a member of the so-called open adoption world, does not exist. You should look at the laws in your state because many open adoption agreements are not legally enforcable, so you could wind up with adoptive families who think you are batsh!t crazy for what you are suggesting, but desire that baby, and decide to pull the rug out within 2 years...
I would love one of these!!!    In order to make it more husband friendly? I know my husband has a bit of an issue with the girlie prints, but maybe showing men doing "normal" things, just just randomly standing around. What can you do with your baby while wearing a Beco.
Oh, I can completely and entirely relate to the anger. I was livid for a good year or so. I felt much like you; that I had been abused, raped, and held back. It wasn't until I went to therapy and told that what I went through was a form of religious abuse. It's normal to be angry and I can tell you, it does pass. Occasionally, I'll feel that anger again; recently when Boyd K Packer made that horrendous talk about homosexuality, I was so mad. Furious. But now I can...
    Why did you leave or stay?   I began to go in and out of the church during my teen years. I really began to question a lot of the doctrine, specifically tithing and Joseph Smith. My parents were very much of the mind that while I was in their house, I would do as they practiced, but this pushed me further out of the church, ultimately.  When I made the official decision to leave, permanently, it was simply for two reasons: I hated what the church made me...
I have no advice for you Mama, but I wanted to thank you for posting. We're dealing with the same, almost down to identical situations with our DS. They are about the same age. I keep wondering if we're doing something wrong, or if it's a stage, and from the sounds of it, there is help solutions out there, but it is somewhat normal for this age too.   Thanks to all you Mama's for posting information! I surely appreciate it as well!
Oh I should add that my due date has changed now! According to ultrasound, I'm due July 16th!
Craving- Fruit, more specifically strawberries. The worst part is that they aren't in season right now, so I have to search really hard to find decent strawberries. But man, I can eat them by the basketful right now. Other then that, my cravings are random. Some days it's something sweet, and others I need to find something salty, likerightnow! Feeling- This is a tough question for me...I'm still on diclectin for my hypermesis, but I'm not throwing up as much,...
I had gall bladder issues near the end of my pregnancy with DS, so I totally feel your pain. It did take several trips to the ER before they finally caught on that my pain was gall bladder related though. We were able to manage the pain until DS came, but I did have it out at around 3-4 weeks PP. Good luck with this, and keep us updated!
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