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I've had very little access to the internet lately but have been reading to keep up with how all you lovely ladies and your babies are doing! Our beautiful baby girl was born last night after just 3.5 hours of labor she's 7lb 2oz she is nursing great and so precious. Labor was something else! Our photographer/doula and midwives were there less than an hour before she was born because I spent the first 1.5 hours in denial about actually being in labor. I hope all you...
What about when it feels like one's pubic bone is breaking in half in the very front center?  
Ugh spinnerette I have a "frenemy" that is the exact same way, but I've known her forever and I know she struggles with body image hugely and that is why she's mean to others. It is frustrating to deal with the negativity none the less. I'd definitely try to distrance myself from that person during pregnancy as much as possible for the sake of a positive environment/mentality  and when you can't it's great to have a community of women like this
I'd love to have a buddy I'm Nikki   EDD:6/14 This is our third child and hopefully will be our second homebirth. We are undecided as of yet and probably right up to the moment of labor on whether we will UC or not, but it is a possibility.   We're currently living in beautiful Oregon If being local is important to anyone  
    Somehow I'm 20 weeks already and the time is flying by! It must be chasing the toddler and 7y/o that's making this pregnancy seem soooo much faster than the last two...
Mamas I'm so sorry! I came to offer my experience and how I went about this conversation with my husband who is not intact and whose family/friends are definitely pro-circ.   The easiest argument to make to my husband was the number of beautiful baby boys who die every year and would have otherwise lived had their parents not chosen an unecessary cosmetic procedure on them. Then the changes in statistics from when DH was born to now the numbers REALLY spoke volumes...
I bet all of those surprises will greatly even out the count
I'm in the mid June part of town
After two boys this one is definitely a girl!
We will all share the happiness with you if you don't mind! I also wanted to say that I'm sorry about the sadness within the nursing relationship my youngest has now gone two days without nursing and I know my milk is basically next to nil now and I feel so horrid about it. It's not like he's throwing fits or distraught that there's no milk but it did seem very important to him and he's only 16 months I don't feel like he was ready to wean and was hoping we'd at least...
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