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Thanks to all, I really appreciate it. PS : a bit busy with tight daily schedule. Really miss this community, a lot to learn here.
Quote: Originally Posted by hollytheteacher DD= Dear Daughter DS=Dear Son Just sort of helps make typing a little quicker since it is such a common thing to have to type (daughter and son) Thanks. Great.
BTW, what is DS and DD :P, I really wonder. Sorry, I am Dad
Thank you. I am happy to join this community. I hope I can share my knowledge and learn more with all of you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola Sure thing! We even have some dads forums here. Quote: Originally Posted by ursusarctos I think it's great that dads care about their kids enough to forum surf too Welcome! : Thank you for the warm welcome. : eating time ~
I guess this should work. I believe, for our children, we are their mirror. what we do, would reflex the kids. My suggestion is, read yourself first. Read aloud, story telling is also good for kids.
Could you update, what the situation now. How terrible
Hi, BS here. Im a father. It seem I love my kids very much. I was searching something about my children, and then google,brought mt to this forum. Anyway, I'm feel happy :
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