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The most common type of sexual abuse in America is brother-sister incest. It's not at all unusual for siblings to have stories like this. I don't mean to play down the seriousness of your situation, but children do regularly participate in sex play at the ages you were. Whoever the child is around most often are generally the ones they have sexual play with. If a boy has all brothers or neighbors who are boys, it happens with them. Likewise, in my neighborhood growing...
Ha. I guess you are stuck in the waiting boat. One thing I have to say about diaphragms is that they are relatively ineffective at preventing pregnancy for women who have previous children. I got one after my second baby, and my doc laughed and told me that they don't fit mothers who have had children already the same and allow for semen to seep around the edges. The spermicide would have helped the situation though. I wouldn't stress about it because if you...
Omg, what is WITH the OB's and MD's not knowing when they THEMSELVES are pregnant!?!? Kind of makes you wonder about the people we women trust to care for our pregnancies, doesn't it???
I would think that two days of sustained + opks indicates a pretty solid chance that you O'ed. (My O dates are often similar to yours - normally around day 22, sometimes wacky times like day 18 or 25!). I used to be hardcore about charting and all that, but recently, I've been really tuning into my body without the temping and cervix textures and all that, and I've found that when I don't focus on the symptoms, I can tell by how aroused I am! Humans go through...
They look positive, but be careful not to get too excited if they didn't look like that within 10 minutes of taking it. I get dark evap lines like that on even the pink ink tests! Otherwise, congrats!!!
I'm sorry you're struggling, Mama! Where does DH go in two weeks and how long is he gone? Can you go hardcore TTC when he's back?
I've had three c-sections also, and considered a homebirth for my last child, although I wasn't sold. I just figured if we didn't make it to the hospital in time, no biggie. (I ended up with a c/s anyway). While my brain was in it, my heart was not. I had doubts about it, and I now know that I sabotaged my own birth by not having faith in my own body. So now we're making plans for baby #4. And we're having a homebirth. I am 100% onboard and involved. There is...
No one?
Thanks for the suggestions. No, it's not a latex allergy (have worn latex gloves and used condoms for years with no side affects). I went without undies for about 4 days after the bleeding stopped to let the pubic-area rash heal. I'm trying not to use any medications, but I wake up in the morning with deep scratches all over my arms and legs and chest. I'll try the baking soda bath, and oatmeal if that doesn't work. Thanks!
Is anyone going to Burning Man this year? Me and DH are thinking about honeymooning there; it's right after our handfasting in August. (We're not bringing kids if we go this year; they're too little and we're newbs). Never been there before, but I have a close friend who is getting married there this year. I REALLLLY want to go. DH is less onboard than I'd like, but I think I can convince him!
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