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Okay... so here's the story. After I had DS in Aug 09, I had this itching thing going on. It started about 24 hours after he was born, and the hosp staff assured me it was a reaction to the bazillion drugs I was given during the c-section (growl). I let it go, but it was REALLY annoying. It lasted for about 3 weeks after his birth. I used cortizone cream, which helped to some extent and eventually determined that maybe it was PUPPP... because this was my first...
Thanks Brittney! Good advice. I'm sure a lot of what is available around here is landlocked, since the populated areas are in patches, leaving large spaces of just land or woods in between. Our schools here... are so complicated. There's a lottery system, since so many of the public districts are crap. You can lottery your kids into a better district or an alternative school (which is what we're hoping to do next year for our oldest). There's a TON of private...
Where do we begin??? DH and I and our three children (4,2,and 10 months) live in the city (Columbus, OH to be precise). We don't mind where we live, just how we live. We rent a big house in a so-so neighborhood, with admittedly some crime problems. We have about .35 acres to work with - we garden. What we want is to build a house (ourselves, and out of stone) on a larger patch of land. We don't want to go far from Columbus... we like it here and DH has a good job and I'm...
My bad... no advice. I'm in the same boat as you.
You can definitely have a HBAC! If you feel it's irresponsible to have an unattended homebirth after c/s, consider finding a midwife/doula in your area to help out!
That's horrible.
Yes, it is very horrible!
It sounds well and good, but I almost think that he was in the wrong. I mean, there's no reason she couldn't have given birth naturally to a breech baby. I guess time will tell when she's ready to have her next!
I don't live in the mountains or near any, so I'm not really sure how that plays out, but I would start by getting involved with ICAN. They can be a really helpful resource. Also, I'd check out DONA and find a doula and she will likely have leads to a midwife in your area who can help you.
Couldn't have said it better. Keeping with the current doctor and with your husband's attitude, you WILL end up with another c/s. You need your DH on board, so start with him while researching other options.
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