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I love this question, because it's so unusual. I would consider a few things. Who is making these stipulations? Would you be the land owner once you were living on it? Why does it have to turn into a farm in order for you to acquire it? If it doesn't end up becoming a farm while you're living there (say something happens and it is no longer a possibility), do you lose the land? Seeing as your husband is unemployed, he really doesn't have much to lose. If you...
I was thinking iron-ons. You could get one made (maybe from cafepress or vistaprint) and just iron them onto the bags kind of like kids' clothing have the flat, slightly-raised wording instead of tags. Just a thought!
I just made my first insert two days ago. I used old receiving blankets, cut five layers of a relatively thick one (from the hospital) and stitched together the pieces, then sewed a thick border around it. It worked better than the original inserts and was super easy!
Have you considered husband-coached childbirth? I had three c/s and we're planning our HBA3C. Nothing put my mind at ease, that this was the absolute right thing for me, and made me so confident as reading the book 'Birth the Bradley Way'. There are a couple of things (though not many) from the Bradley Method that I don't incorporate into what I want, but it really defines a clear role for the husband/partner and THAT role is what makes your role work. The idea of...
I have never bought furniture from GoodWill, but we do buy from Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and we have never had a cockroach problem other than moving into a home with roaches already present. http://www.habitat.org/env/restores.aspx ReStores are incredible, cheap, and there's a ton of options!
How did it go? Did you think of some things to say?
Yep, they're cow spots. And no, they're SunBaby (ultra cheap off Ebay!) Thanks ladies! I'm so into cloth diapers! I want to make them now!
I just wanted to celebrate my small victory with someone, and no one IRL seems to care much. I was 5'8" and weighed 189 pounds in mid March (after three babies) and was horrified. None of my clothes were fitting me, I looked puffy. DP proposed to me and we set our wedding date for August 14, this summer. I knew there would be no better motivation than to look good in my wedding dress, so now was the time to lose the weight I'd been wanting to lose since I had...
Hi TinyBlackDot... Today marks my 20th pound loss since mid-March. I tried a lot of things since my first baby was born (she is now 4.5 years old), and nothing really worked. I tried every unhealthy thing in the book. Then I got engaged and our wedding is in August. I was at 189 pounds when I started my weight loss venture. The very first thing I did was .. CUT OUT POP from your diet. If you drink pop, you're drinking a ton of sugar (not to mention the...
Beautiful story!! Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations on little Arie!!
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