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I think I have another day or so of work ahead and then it'll be done. I don't think the fabric I picked would actually work for the back of the cabinet. It's too funky for this big old piece. However, I'm thinking of making little curtains for in the windows of the china cabinet. I'm not crazy about the fabric, but it brings together all the other colors in the room. 
  http://failbook.failblog.org/     http://failblog.org/       BTW, I LOVE damnyouautocorrect. First time I saw that website I was laughing so hard I was crying. The kids thought something was wrong with me. I showed it to my friend and she ended up laughing so hard she had an asthma attack.
Is it possible she might have broken her hymen while exploring her body?
Many years ago my dad was painting the kitchen at his house. He started working on the ceiling... however he forgot the ceiling fan was still on. The ceiling fan blade sliced him right across the forehead and he ended up with 9 stitches. Not pretty. But everybody got a good laugh at his expense.   Every summer my father worked on cleaning out and organizing the garage. He'd drag out his motorcycles & tools and give the garage a thorough cleaning before putting things...
Years ago, when I was about 15, I was standing outside a movie theater with several dozen teenagers, all waiting for our rides. A beautiful silver T-Bird pulled into the parking lot BLASTING Aerosmith. Everybody turned to see who this super cool person was. Yup, it was my dad. My dad is awesome.    We don't censor music in our house. When each of my kids were little I gave them a radio and they were allowed to pick whatever station they wanted.   DD #1 picked...
That fabric is fantastic! I'll be checking out the fabric store tomorrow. I have a lot of it painted already, I just have to do another coat. So far, so good. I'm still afraid I'm going to mess it up somehow. 
Joining you! My plan is to stick to a regular work out routine. I'm horrible about maintaining routine.
Crashing the club:   I was always amused by the episode of Full House where Rebecca tells Jesse that she's pregnant. She makes him a dinner with a bunch of foods that have "baby" in the title.   Baby corn. Baby carrots. Baby back ribs. And for dessert? Baby Ruth.
How would I personally handle that situation? Well, I'm pretty straight forward. I would tell her to please not touch/kiss the baby. If she ignored my request and approached the baby in the sling, I would twist my body so the baby isn't within reach of her, and I'd sternly tell her "No. This is not cool. I already told you to leave the baby alone. If you do it again I will kick you out of my house." (and i would kick her out if she continued)   If she tried referring...
Happy to help!
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